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Nobel Prize to Robert Edwards
Medical and physical predictors of localized provoked vulvodynia
Prevalence of postpartum urinary incontinence: a systematic review
Childhood abuse and later worries about the baby's health in pregnancy
The impact of gestational diabetes mellitus on pregnancy outcome comparing different cut-off criteria for abnormal glucose tolerance
Self-reported smoking habits and serum cotinine levels in women with placental abruption
Prevalence of suicidal thoughts and attempts among pregnant Pakistani women
Clinical efficacy of mifepristone and misoprostol in second trimester pregnancy termination
Androgen receptor epigenetic variations influence early follicular phase gonadotropin levels
Induced abortion: a means of postponing childbirth? Changes in maternal age at induced abortion and child birth in Norway during 1979–2007
The clinical impact of fetal magnetic resonance imaging on management of CNS anomalies in the second trimester of pregnancy
Norwegian obstetricians' opinions about cesarean section on maternal request: should women pay themselves?
Legal termination of a pregnancy resulting from transplanted cryopreserved ovarian tissue
Methotrexate-based bilateral uterine arterial chemoembolization for treatment of cesarean scar pregnancy
Peripartum serum leptin and soluble leptin receptor levels in women with gestational diabetes
Severe postpartum morbidity and mode of delivery: a retrospective cohort study
Linear salpingotomy with suturing by single incision laparoscopic surgery for tubal ectopic pregnancy
Cesarean section rate in uncomplicated pregnancy as an indicator of healthcare quality
How to improve healthcare quality in uncomplicated pregnancy
Potential endocrine causes of some placental pathologies and their associated offspring sex ratios
Weight gain restriction for obese pregnant women
Male fetal sex and placental abruption
Using lidocaine as an additional topical local anesthetic agent in gynecological procedures
Hysterotomy for retained placenta with imminent uterine rupture in a preterm angular pregnancy
Refractory fever with pancytopenia in postpartum and SLE-induced pancreatitis
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