Program at a Glance
Perinatal mortality – a quality parameter in modern obstetrics
Does the method of intrapartum monitoring matter in vaginal breech delivery?
Maternal morbidity depending on the mode of delivery
When does active pushing get dangerous for the fetus?
Perinatal mortality – a quality parameter in modern obstetrics
How low can we go? Perinatal mortality in the Nordic countries
Antenatal and obstetric care – a story of success
What is the price of proactive management in post term pregnancies?
Increasing Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy – Effects on Cost and Complications
The Efficiency of Virtual Reality Simulation Training in Laparoscopy: A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials
Long-term well-being after surgical or conservative treatment for severe vulvar vestibulitis syndrome
Pelvic organ prolapse surgery in Denmark from 1977–2009
Survival after postoperative radiotherapy for early stage endometrial carcinoma: The Oslo Study revisited with up to 43 years of follow-up
Establishment of a bioluminescence orthotopic mouse model of ovarian carcinoma: Analysis of tumor growth and response to therapy
Postmenopausal hormone therapy and the risk of ovarian cancer: A case control study from Finland
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy as first-line treatment of Danish patients with advanced ovarian cancer: Major regional differences
Quality of sleep the night after surgery, does it matter? A prospective cohort study of women undergoing fast track abdominal hysterectomy.
The perineum in modern obstetrics – still a challenge?
Epidemiological aspects of obstetric anal sphincter injuries in Norway
OASR, the Nordic experience
Functional ultrasound of the anal canal: the effect of pregnancy and childbirth
Functional ultrasound of the anal canal: the effect of pregnancy and childbirth
Endometrial cancer epidemiology
Standard surgical treatment for endometrial cancer
Changing the ward program in Sweden – why do we need a change and what is new?
New treatment strategies in endometrial cancer
1st trimester Doppler ultrasound as a predictor of adverse pregnancy outcome
Fetal growth restriction – does umbilical artery Doppler tell us the whole truth?
Impact of fetal circulatory compromise on health in childhood and adolescence
Cancer and pregnancy
The impact of pregnancy and delivery complications on maternal and fetal health
New leads in the management of endometriosis
Immunological aspects of endometriosis
Endometriosis and infertility
When to operate endometriotic cysts?
Thrombophilia and adverse pregnancy outcomes: Results from the Danish National Birth Cohort
The effect of different alcohol drinking patterns in early to mid-pregnancy on child's intelligence, attention and executive function
Combined ultrasound and biochemistry for risk evaluation of chromosomal abnormalities during the first trimester in Sweden: what has happened after implementation?
Changes in the Artery Wall Layer Dimensions in Women with Preeclampsia: An investigation using non-invasive high frequency ultrasound
Obstetric outcome after intervention for severe fear of childbirth in nulliparous -randomized trial
Gestational diabetes in Iceland 2007–2008
Antidepressant exposure during pregnancy and child behavior
Risk factors for venous thromboembolism during pregnancy and the puerperal period. A national cohort study including 900,000 pregnancies in Denmark 1995–2009
Recurrence of placental dysfunction disorders across generations
How to regain lost skills. The Canadian model for revitalization of vaginal breech delivery
Practical skills in obstetrics – simulation in teaching and evaluation
Abortion and maternal health globally
Obstetric fistula – causes and consequences
Maternal near miss incidents
Implementing ALSO in an African setting
Overview: surgery for urinary incontinence during 40 years
Surgical techniques: current status and ethics – or Reasons for and treatment of surgical complications with alloplastic slings
Meshes in pelvic floor reconstructive surgery – are there any indications?
Medical abortion with home administration of misoprostol up to 63 days gestation
Early post abortion insertion of intrauterine contraception
Medical vs. surgical induced abortion in primigravid women – is the next term pregnancy at risk?
Does coffee consumption reduce the chance og pregnancy and live birth in ivf?
Antimüllerian hormone predicts pregnancy and live-birth rates after assisted reproduction and reflect oocyte quality besides oocyte quantity
Venous thromboembolism in users of parenteral hormonal contraception. A National historical follow-up study 2001–2010
Hormonal contraception and thrombotic stroke. A follow-up study 1995–2009
Physical activity and endometriosis risk
Burden of illness in women with endometriosis
Psychiatric conditions in pregnancy and postpartum
Fear of childbirth – does it affect mode of delivery. The BIDENS study – results from six countries
Mental distress and life events during pregnancy – results from the BIDENS* study
How to treat fear of childbirth
The oocyte, the embryo and the child: epigenetic aspects of assisted reproduction
Elective singe embry transfer and multiple births – trends in Nordic countries
Predictors of ongoing implantation – novel methods, better results?
When is the ovary no good? Prediction of ovarian reserve
Regal and maternal outcome after assisted reproduction in the Nordic countries. NFOG Collobarative project
The prevalence of fecal incontinence in singleton primiparae 20 years after vaginal or caesarean delivery
Does mode of second delivery after obstetric anal sphincter rupture influence the risk of anal incontinence?
The rate of the 3rd and 4th degree vaginal lacerations in the Finnish obstetric units as a patient safety indicator
Epsiotomy characterisitics and risk for anal sphincter injuries: a case-control study
Is the operative delivery rate in low-risk women dependent on birth care level? A randomised controlled trial
Risk of shoulder dystocia: the association with gestational age at birth. A population study of 2 029 910 births in Norway
Nordic Obstetric Surveillance Study (NOSS). Preliminary results and perspectives
Severe maternal morbidity “near miss” in Sweden- are there differences between women from high-income and low-income countries?
Maternal mortality in the Nordic countries The establishment of a Nordic maternal mortality collaboration
The value of gynecologic cancer follow-up: evidence-based ignorance?
Follow-up after cancer treatment, how does it influence quality of life?
Value of CA125 in ovarian cancer follow-up – what is the evidence?
The Nordic approach
Abortion and risk of mental disorders
Medical abortion at 9–12 weeks
Abortion in minors
CPD is more than CME
Medical Simulation –what's on the horizon?
Does training abroad support professional development?
How does EBCOG promote continuing education?
CME/CPD- experience from Finland and future perspectives in Europe
Reproductive changes over generations
Reproduction: evolutionary and lifecourse perspectives
The changing epidemiology of STD – diagnostic and therapeutic challenges
Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis, vulvodynia and emotion – what is the connection?
The management of pelvic abscess
Foetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT) – immunological basis and prevention
FNAIT in pregnancy and intracranial haemorrhage
First trimester non-invasive screening for fetal RHD and targeted antenatal anti-D prophylaxis – does it work?
Rh-immunisation; a prenatal strategy of prophylaxis
Anti-D propylaxis in early pregnancy and abortion – what is the evidence?
The clinical effect of lifestyle intervention during pregnancy and obese women
Multiple pregnancies in Norway 1967–2008
Ovarian Cancer and Gene Therapy – Modelling, Angiogenesis and Targeting Vascular Supply
Allopregnanolone effects in women: clinical studies in relation to the menstrual cycle, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and oral contraceptive use
Subcuticular Suture versus Staples for Closure of the Skin after Caesarean Section: A Randomised Trial with case as own control
The effect of using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in acupuncture points (Hegu [LI-4] and Sanyinjiao [Sp-6]) on labor pain reduction
The effect of calcium supplementation during pregnancy on preterm delivery and preeclampsia in nulliparous beyond age 35
Prevalence of ultrasonographic fetal soft markers during the second trimester ultrasound screening and its correlation to Down Syndrome
Facts first, then reaction – expectant fathers' experiences of an ultrasound screening identifying soft markers
Analysis of uterine rupture cases in 40 years in Norway
Limited evidence of the effect of prophylactic pelvic floor muscle training on genital prolapse
F1 + 2- a predictor of hypercoagulability in pregnancy?
Abstract 9–Withdrawn
Preoperative CA125 and HE4 in patients with endometrial cancer
Attendance to mass screening program among young women with cervical carcinoma in Finland Armfelt L, M.D.1) Malila N, M.D., Ph.D.2), Carpén O, M.D., Ph.D3), Grénman S, M.D., Ph.D1), Rintala M, M.D., Ph.D.1) 1) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland, 2) Finnish Cancer Registry, Helsinki, Finland, 3) Department of Pathology, University of Turku and Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland
Steroid hormone receptor expression, proliferative activity and microvessel density in the endometrium of women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Pregnancy outcome of 1064 fetuses with increased nuchal translucency
Development of Liposomal Formulation with Curcumin Targeted for the Treatment of Vaginal Inflammation
Low to Moderate Alcohol Intake During Pregnancy and Risk of Psychomotor Deficits
Assisted Reproduction and Child Neurodevelopment – a populationbased cohort study
Management by pregnant women of activity restriction during hospitalization – a question of yielding and not feeling deprived of a sense of control
Retrospective study of urinary incontinence after posterior colporrhaphy vs. posterior colporrhaphy + perineorrhaphy
Biomarkers of coagulation, inflammation and angiogenesis are independently associated with preeclampsia
Lost to follow-up rate by serum human chorionic gonadotropin testing in women having a medical abortion
Socioeconomic characteristics, housing conditions and criminal behavior in women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) between 1960 and 2006
Group B streptococci have increased significantly in pregnant women from 2002–2010 – A retrospective cohorte study
Maternal mortality over 25 years in a small high-resource population
Trends in Caesarean section rates in Iceland
Pseudomyxoma Peritonei; Symptoms, treatment, prognosis and sensitivity to cytostatic drugs in vitro
Neonatal and Maternal outcomes in Insulin Dependent and Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus and Gestational Diabetes in Troms, Norway
Abstract 27–Withdrawn
The effect of oxytocin on postpartum urinary retention
Increasing participation in cervical cancer screening: Telephone call to long time abstaining women in Sweden. Results from RACOMIP, a randomized controlled trial
A letter to the male partner increases antenatal attendance and HIV testing in eastern Uganda: results from a randomized facility-based intervention trial
Cognitive deficits in adult offspring of women with gestational diabetes reflect confounding
Early fetal growth delay is associated with cognitive impairment – in adult offspring of women with type 1 diabetes
Interventional radiology in multidisciplinary management of placenta percreta
Cervical ripening- Bishop score, cervical length and hormonal status in post-term pregnancies
The cerebroplacental pulsatility ratio is higher in macrosomic non-diabetic fetuses during the last weeks of pregnancy
Oxytocin augmentation and labour outcome
AMH in diagnosis of PCOS – Can morphologic description be replaced?
Abstract 38–Withdrawn
Antibiotic prophylaxis at caesarean section – the impact of guideline on surgical site infection
Qualitywork in the Deliverycare at Sollefteå Hospital 2005–2011
Maternal mortality in Sweden 1988–2007. How many deaths were there, actually?
Not too far to walk but too far for reciprocity: Maternal mortality in a migration context using the ‘three delays’ framework
Induction of labour at 41 + 3 and impact on clinical practise An evaluation of a changed practice towards prolonged pregnancy in a Danish hospital
ErbB2 (HER2/neu) and transcription factor GATA-4 are new prognostic factors for granulosa cell tumor recurrence
Mitochondrial function of women in reproductive age with subclinical hypothyroidism and TPOab positivity
Modeling CC in the post HPV vaccination era in Norway
Use of Bakri balloon tamponade in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage: A series of 50 cases from a tertiary teaching hospital
Routinely Removal of the Fallopian Tubes at Concomitant Hysterectomy? A Danish cohort study, 1947–2010
The Danish Urogynecological Database – establishment, completeness, and validity
Patient-related outcome measures on female urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in Denmark, 2006–2011
Alcohol and drug findings in women subjected to sexual assault in Trondheim, Norway – associations with background and assault characteristics and clinical variables
No evidence that assisted reproduction itself increases the risk of thrombosis: A Danish National cohort study
Induction of labor with single- versus double-balloon catheter – a randomized controlled trial
Pain recurrence after shaving of rectovaginal endometriosis
Health-related quality of life and perception of anxiety in women with a human papillomavirus infection- an observational study
Classification of Stillbirths by Cause of Death and Risk Factor Analysis – a Case-control Study
Obstetric complications according to maternal age in planned vaginal delivery. A population based registry study of low-risk women
A Longitudinal Survey of Childbirth-related Fear and Associated Factors
Pregnancy outcome following chorion villus sampling and amniocentesis in Iceland 1998–2007
Severe postpartum hemorrhage: does early or delayed transfusion influence the risk of recurrence?
Twin-to-twin delivery time interval: does chorionicity influence the risk of acidosis in the second twin?
The incidence of genital prolapse among women referred to the outpatient clinic within the first year after vaginal delivery
Cesarean section or vaginal delivery for twin births at term
Pregnancy and birth among women with intellectual disability in Sweden – experiences and outcomes
A prospective observational study of dysfunctional labor at Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Is single port laparoscopy for benign adnexal disease less painful than conventional laparoscopy?: A single centre Randomised Controlled Trial
Intervention for postpartum infections following caesarean section
Carbonic anhydrases II, IX and XII in HNPCC patients with endometrial hyperplasia or carcinoma
Nordic Obstetric Surveillance Study (NOSS) – Pilot study on severe obstetric complications from Finland and Denmark
Risk factors of recurrent anal sphincter ruptures: a population-based cohort study
Ovarian Granulosa cell tumor and Lichen Planus
Ursodeoxycholic acid in the treatment of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
Should Chlamydia screening be offered to women with miscarriages?
Uterine perforation by an IUD/IUS – clinical course and treatment
Preoperative staging of ovarian cancer in regards to selection of treatment
Alcohol in pregnancy: Attitudes, knowledge and information practice among midwives and general practitioners in Denmark 2000–2009
The effect of alcohol binge drinking in early pregnancy on child general intelligence
Does Binge Drinking During Early Pregnancy Increase the Risk of Psychomotor Deficits?
Intrapartum use of ST analysis of the fetal ECG (STAN) in fetal growth restriction
Rotation with Kiellands forceps – a safe alternative for delivery in trained hands
Management of fetal growth restriction at ≥36 weeks of gestation – what can be achieved by careful fetal monitoring?
New data from an audit of Danish cervical cancer cases
Should pregnancy after gastric bypass be postponed until one year post surgery?
Cesarean delivery: the role of emergency, decision to delivery interval and phase of labor on low Apgar score
The embolization of uterine arteries for massive postpartum hemorrhage at Tampere University Hospital 2003–2009
From risk algorithm to national quality register
The effect of introducing regular exercise during pregnancy and postpartum in physically inactive women
Similar reduction in OASR across all risk groups after implementation of a perineal protection program – a further reduction in the low risk groups is a challenge
Intra abdominal haemorrhage after vaginal delivery – a case and summary of reported cases
Maternal diabetes leads to rat fetal placental excess growth and increased vascular resistance
Hormonal contraception and hemorrhagic stroke: A National follow-up study 2001–2010
How do we deal with, and inform about genetic ultrasound markers in Sweden?
Obese pregnant women's experience of their encounter with health profesionals. Motivational interviewing as a tool to help health professionals communicate with obese pregnant women
Abstract 94–Withdrawn
Epidural and oxytocin augmentation as risk factors for operative deliveries for low-risk women in a large obstetric department
Hormonal contraception and risk of myocardial infarction. A national cohort study 1995–2009
Risk of stroke with postmenopausal hormone therapy. A National cohort study
Sexual function of partners to women with pelvic floor dysfunction
Disrupted pregnancies? How doctors, sonographers and pregnant couples negotiate high risk for Down's syndrome – a qualitative study
The associations between androgens, cervical length and gestational age in PCOS pregnancies
Longitudinal study of the uterine body and cavity with 3D-ultrasonography in the puerperium
Labioplasty – when and why?
Predictive value of serum progesterone for spontaneous resolution of pregnancies of unknown location (PUL)
The diagnostic value of the presence of pelvic fluid in the cul-de-sac in women with pregnancy of unknown location
Post operative (6–12 months) results of incontinence surgery from one institution, using single incision Ajust technique
Inhibition of c-abl activity triggers apoptosis in cervical cancer cells exposed to low mitoxantrone concentration
Second trimester prenatal diagnosis of bladder exstrophy in two male fetuses
Pregnancies after endometrial ablation. A National follow-up study
Obstetric care in primary health centres in rural Burkina Faso from a health worker perspective
The Impact of Medical Termination of Pregnancy During First or Second Trimester on the Subsequent Pregnancy
Residual Disease and Bleeding Complication Rates after LEEP for Treatment of Cervical Intraepithelial Dysplasia Depending On the Educational Level of the Surgeon
Clinical audits to reduce cesarean section rates in a general hospital in Tehran, Iran. Ambitious or obtainable goal?
Abstract 113–Withdrawn
Perinatal mortality rates in non-Western migrants in Norway as compared to their country of birth
Risk of pregnancy complications is associated with menstrual pattern in women with PCOS
Whole genome copy number variations in the umbilical cord blood of fetuses of severely preeclamptic women
Advantages of the population-based approch to pregnancy dating demonstrated with results from 73,400 second-trimester ultrasound examinations
Abstract 118–Withdrawn
Intravenous sulprostone infusion in the management of retained placenta – three-year university hospital experience
A population-based reference chart for fundal height measures
Low dosage misoprostol versus dinoprostone for induction of labor. Maternal and fetal benefits and harms
Oral contraception and risk of venous thromboembolism within the first year following birth
Adenocarcinoma of the spleen and pancreas metastatic from the Fallopian tube as part of a live liver donor evaluation
Induction of labor in women with one previous Cesarean Section and the risk of acute Cesarean Section in labor
Simple learning of 2- and 3-Dimensional transvaginal ultrasound in diagnosing adenomyosis
Feasibility and clinical effects of laparoscopic abdominal cerclage: an observational study
Abstract 127–Withdrawn
Prevalence of anal incontinence among Norwegian women, a cross-sectional study (hunt 3)
Successful IVF cycles complicated by OHSS have an 100 fold increase in risk of VTE in the first trimester A retrospective cohort study based on 10 years of deliveries in Sweden
Is oxytocin augmentation of labour an independent risk factor for anal sphincter rupture?
The preoperative assessment of deep myometrial invasion by MRI vs. 3D ultrasound in endometrial carcinoma
Integral approach in preoperative management of urogynecological patients
The effect of ultrasound power level on obstetric biometric measurements
Introduction of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Nordic Countries
Historical Trends of Cervical Cancer in Greenland: A 60-Year Overview
Regulation of nitric oxide synthesis of endothelial cells in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
Traumatic Childbirth from the Perspective of the Healthcare Professional
To assess the management of menopause in women with a personal history of hormone-derived cancer in the tertiary menopause clinic at Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
Is the fetal heart rate affected by uterine contractions during pregnancy? A pilot study
Recurrence of Second Trimester Pregnancy Loss
Perinatal mortality among generations of Pakistani immigrants to Norway: a linked registry based study
Evaluation of prevalent and incident ovarian cancer co-morbidity
Fear of childbirth; the relation to anxiety and depression
Placental weight relative to birthweight in pregnancies with maternal diabetes mellitus
The relationship between infant birth weight and future maternal type 2 diabetes
Urinary incontinence one year after the first delivery in a cohort of Danish women
The impact of first- and second line treatment on survival and recurrence free survival of patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer treated at Teaching Hospitals versus Non-Teaching Hospitals in Norway
Risk of preeclampsia in pregnancies from assisted reproductive technologies
Activation of Pattern Recognition Receptors in First Trimester Trophoblasts Induce Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Production
Normative curves for abdominal circumference and weight at birth and the association with maternal pregestational BMI
What do pregnant women know about Downs syndrome when they come for prenatal diagnosis?
Use of ICD-10 Codes to monitor Uterine Rupture: Validation of a National Birth Registry
A population and family based study design to investigate genetic predisposition to preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease. The Norwegian Preeclampsia Family Study
Procedure-related complications and perinatal outcome after intrauterine transfusions in red cell alloimmunization in Stockholm
Is high sagittal position (‘hφy likestand’) an indication for Cesarean section?
An evaluation of improved access to transport for emergency obstetric care in Northern Uganda using caesarean section rate
New ways to prevent mother to child transmission during breastfeeding in low-resource settings – the PROMISE PEP trial
High perinatal mortality in Burkina Faso and Uganda
Obstetric admissions to the intensive care unit: a 10-year review
Breast size increment during pregnancy and breast feeding in PCOS mothers: a follow-up study of a randomized controlled trial on metformin vs. placebo
Metformin-effect on newborn head size, maternal and infant weight development: a follow-up study of an RCT on PCOS
Preload reserve in the second half of pregnancy: a longitudinal study
Impact of over-night shifts on cognitive functions and laparoscopic skills among Norwegian gynaecologists
Hyperemesis gravidarum – what is new? Highlights from seven Norwegian epidemiological studies
Postpartum weight retention and breastfeeding among obese women from the LiP (Lifestyle in Pregnancy) Study
Venous thromboembolism in pregnancy and the puerperal period. A study of 1,210 events in Denmark 1995–2009
Vaginal breech delivery during the last ten years. A prospective registration study
Does levator avulsion cause clinical distension of the levator hiatus?
The Cardiac State Diagram as a novel approach for evaluation of phases of the cardiac cycle in asfyxiated fetal lambs
Effects of hormonal contraception on women's sexual function: a cross-sectional study in a cohort of Danish women
Abstract 171–Withdrawn
Combined anal sphincter repair and site specific posterior repair with anatomic perineorrhaphy. Retrospective study and a DVD demonstration of the surgical technique
A discordant histological risk classification in preoperative biopsy and hysterectomy specimens in endometrial cancer is reflected in metastatic risk and prognosis
Follow up after obstetric anal sphincter injuries – comparison of telephone interview and clinical follow-up
The pregnancy following a pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes (GDM)
Unwanted pregnancies and the choice of induced abortion in women under 25 years of age in Denmark
Abstract 177–Withdrawn
PEComa, a case with recurrent tumour of the uterus and vagina
Hexaminolevulinate photodynamic therapy for treatment of cervical dysplasia
Elective induction of labour in parous women and the risk of caesarean section
Expression and function of sweet taste receptors in the human uterus