Reflections and expectations
The NFOG 2014 congress: a venue for learning and interaction
The history of NFOG and Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 1921–2011
A randomized controlled trial of third-trimester routine ultrasound in a non-selected population
Port-site metastases following robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery for gynecological malignancies
Elevated serum levels of anti-Müllerian hormone can be introduced as a new diagnostic marker for polycystic ovary syndrome
Quality of life in patients with endometriosis and the effect of pertubation with lidocaine – a randomized controlled trial
Instrumental vaginal deliveries; are midwives safer practitioners? A retrospective cohort study
Impact of maternal negative affectivity on light alcohol use and binge drinking during pregnancy
Teenage pregnancies in the European Union in the context of legislation and youth sexual and reproductive health services
Is pregnancy a trigger for recovery from an eating disorder?
Maternal obesity and induction of labor
Acute fetal asphyxia after gastric rupture in a pregnant patient with a gastric band
Ovarian granulosa cell tumor and increased risk of breast cancer
Fetal movement count may prevent fetal death as early as 26 weeks
Abortion–breast cancer study not valid for assessing overall association
Induced abortion and breast cancer
Reply to comments by Dr. Brind and Mr. Carroll on our study No evidence of an association between induced abortion and breast cancer among parous older women : our conclusion remains valid
Placenta accreta and beyond: Aesop's fables
Reply: Cesarean hysterectomy for placenta previa accreta; extrapolating measures may have merits for ordinary obstetricians
Nordic Obstetrics and Gynecology Theses May–August 2013