Nordic and international efforts
The International Network of Obstetric Survey Systems (INOSS): benefits of multi-country studies of severe and uncommon maternal morbidities
The Nordic medical birth registers – a potential goldmine for clinical research
Management of placenta percreta: a review of published cases
Ultrasound-guided compared to conventional treatment in gestational diabetes leads to improved birthweight but more insulin treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis
Claims for compensation after alleged birth asphyxia: a nationwide study covering 15 years
The expression of prostaglandin receptors EP3 and EP4 in human cervix in post-term pregnancy differs between failed and successful labor induction
Stillbirth and infant death among generations of Pakistani immigrant descent: a population-based study
Delay in intervention increases neonatal morbidity in births monitored with cardiotocography and ST-waveform analysis
Impact of clinical factors and personality on the decision to have a second child. Longitudinal cohort-study of first-time mothers
Maternal and neonatal morbidity during off peak hours in a busy obstetric unit. Are deliveries after midnight more complicated?
Expression of HPV-related biomarkers and grade of cervical intraepithelial lesion at treatment
The viscoelastic properties of the cervical mucus plug
Long-term follow-up after urethral injection with polyacrylamide hydrogel for female stress incontinence
Reduced quality of life when experiencing menstrual pain in women with primary dysmenorrhea
An untold factor that may influence the rate of cesarean section
Is x-ray compulsory in pubic symphysis diastasis diagnosis?
Thermal injury to the sigmoideum following hysteroscopic hydrothermal ablation
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