Bridging the gap between evidence-based knowledge and clinical practice by avoiding sex-biased research and rediscovering the value of traditions in promoting health
Influenza virus infection in pregnancy: a review
Angiogenic biomarkers in pregnancy: defining maternal and fetal health
Antibody response to influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 in vaccinated, serologically infected and unaffected pregnant women and their newborns
Adverse childhood experiences influence development of pain during pregnancy
Pregnancies in women with childhood vesicoureteral reflux
Maternal mid-pregnancy lipids and birthweight
Effects of medical co-morbidities on severe maternal morbidities in China: a multicenter clinic register study
Curriculum development for a national cardiotocography education program: a Delphi survey to obtain consensus on learning objectives
Third stage of labor risks in velamentous and marginal cord insertion: a population-based study
Cost-effectiveness analysis of a low-dose contraceptive levonorgestrel intrauterine system in Sweden
Prevalence of genital dysplasia after kidney transplantation – a retrospective, non-interventional study from two centers
Changes in the pattern of paracetamol use in the periconception period in a Danish cohort
Vitamin D and the risk of preeclampsia – a nested case–control study
An important consideration in research and clinical practice
Preventing a Bakri balloon from sliding out during “holding the cervix”: “fishing for the balloon shaft” technique (Matsubara)
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