When is it appropriate to conduct a(nother) systematic review?
What is underneath the cesarean request?
Treatments for pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain: a systematic review of physiotherapy modalities
Iodine deficiency in a study population of pregnant women in Sweden
Characteristics of women with repeat termination of pregnancy: a study of all requests for pregnancy termination in Norway during 2007–2011
Randomized controlled study in pregnancy on treatment of marked hyperglycemia that is short of overt diabetes
Trends in cerclage use
Secular trends of pregnancies in women with inflammatory connective tissue disease
Impact of obstetric factors on outcome of extremely preterm births in Sweden: prospective population-based observational study (EXPRESS)
Critical evaluation of national vital statistics: the case of preterm birth trends in Portugal
The capacity of mid-pregnancy cervical length to predict preterm birth in low-risk women: a national cohort study
Historic cohort study on mode of delivery of a macrosomic baby: the women's point of view
Effect of maternal and treatment-related factors on the prevalence of birth defects after PESA-ICSI and TESE-ICSI: a retrospective cohort study
Assisted reproductive technology treatment in women with severe eating disorders: a national cohort study
HPV genotype distribution in older Danish women undergoing surgery due to cervical cancer
Evaluation of response to hormone therapy in patients with measurable adult granulosa cell tumors of the ovary
Nordic Obstetrics and Gynecology Theses January–June 2015