Improving access to higher education for the ethnic minorities and gender balance in academia: still some way to go
Ingemar Ingemarsson Memorial Symposium on preterm delivery at the XXI FIGO World Congress
Retained placenta: will medical treatment ever be possible?
The prognostic value of the miR-200 family in ovarian cancer: a meta-analysis
Childbirth or termination of pregnancy: does paid employment matter? A population study of women in reproductive age in Norway
Validity of a selection of pregnancy complications in the Medical Birth Registry of Norway
Transanal submucosal polyacrylamide gel injection treatment of anal incontinence: a randomized controlled trial
Using a wrap skirt to improve the pelvic examination experience
Long-term outcome in apparently healthy children with increased nuchal translucency in the first trimester screening
Increased pain relief with remifentanil does not improve the success rate of external cephalic version: a randomized controlled trial
Maternal and neonatal outcomes of antenatal anemia in a Scottish population: a retrospective cohort study
Likelihood of repeat abortion in a Swedish cohort according to the choice of post-abortion contraception: a longitudinal study
Determinants of underage induced abortion – the 1987 Finnish Birth Cohort study
Avoiding the first cesarean section–results of structured organizational and cultural changes
Episiotomy preferences, indication, and classification – a survey among Nordic doctors
Results from the National Perinatal Patient Safety Program in Sweden: the challenge of evaluation
Belittling of a significant decline in neonatal metabolic acidosis rate achieved by STAN monitoring
Why did the authors perform a meta-analysis of studies with primary endpoints they consider clinically unimportant?
STAN technology, surrogate outcomes and possible sources of bias
Nordic Obstetrics and Gynecology Theses July–December 2015