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Nurturing clinical research globally to improve patient care
Individualized follicle‐stimulating hormone dosing and in vitro fertilization outcome in agonist downregulated cycles
Intrauterine fetal death and risk of shoulder dystocia at delivery
Comparison of the primary cesarean hysterotomy scars after single‐ and double‐layer interrupted closure
Sensitivity of first‐trimester ultrasound in the detection of congenital anomalies in twin pregnancies
At what age does the risk for adverse maternal and infant outcomes increase? Nationwide register‐based study on first births in Finland in 2005–2014
Cervical length at 11–40 weeks
Recurrence of second trimester miscarriage and extreme preterm delivery at 16–27 weeks of gestation with a focus on cervical insufficiency and prophylactic cerclage
Is routine transvaginal cervical length measurement cost‐effective in a population where the risk of spontaneous preterm birth is low?
Perceptions of oocyte banking from women intending to circumvent age‐related fertility decline
Medical and social egg freezing
Levator ani trauma and pelvic organ prolapse – a comparison of three translabial ultrasound scoring systems
Long‐term risk of endometrial cancer following postmenopausal bleeding and reassuring endometrial biopsy
Oxidized LDL, insulin resistance and central blood pressure after gestational diabetes mellitus
Novel rapid molecular diagnosis of fetal chromosomal abnormalities associated with recurrent pregnancy loss
Type 1 diabetes risk in children born to women with fertility problems
Local heat application for perimenstrual pain and related syndromes
Eclampsia and hypertension