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Lack of money
Ophthalmic and adnexal complications of radiotherapy
Glaucoma detection using different Stratus optical coherence tomography protocols
Effects of APOE and CHRNA4 genotypes on retinal nerve fibre layer thickness at the optic disc and on risk for developing exfoliation syndrome
Effect of bimatoprost on intraocular pressure after phacoemulsification in eyes with exfoliation syndrome
The role of antimetabolites in filtration surgery for neovascular glaucoma
Comparisons between Pascal dynamic contour tonometry, the TonoPen, and Goldmann applanation tonometry in patients with glaucoma
Response of retinal arteriole diameter to increased blood pressure during acute hyperglycaemia
Autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa in Norway
Incidence and clinical characteristics of symptomatic choroidal metastasis from breast cancer
Changes in vitreous amino acid concentrations in a rabbit model of cataract surgery
Cataract surgery anaesthesia
Human secretory phospholipase A2, group IB in normal eyes and in eye diseases
Comparison of two pupillometers in determining pupil size for refractive surgery
Selective non-intubation of a silicone tube in external dacryocystorhinostomy
Optical coherence tomography of chorioretinal and choroidal folds
Acute painful visual loss from accelerated hypertensive choroidopathy
Comment on
Intravitreal bevacizumab for peripapillary classic subretinal neovascularization
Mantle cell lymphoma of the iris
Cocaine-induced preretinal haemorrhage in a young adult
Neovascular membrane over the ciliary body as a potential complication of transscleral diode laser cyclophotocoagulation
Electromagnetic interference by cellular phones with ophthalmic equipment
Primary and secondary tumours of the optic nerve, with emphasis on invasion of uveal malignant melanoma
News and Meetings in Ophthalmology