Mycophenolate mofetil in uveitis
Optimised monitoring of inflammation suppressive therapy (IST) in uveitis
The future in immunomodulation
Magnetic resonance Imaging vs. ultrasound biometry in the equatorial plane in human eyes
The correlation between central corneal thickness, ocular and general parameters
Comparison of the corneal thickness measured by anterior segment optical coherence tomography and specular microscope versus ultrasound pachymetry
Ultrastructural features of tree shrew cornea-collagen fibrils and proteoglycans
Treatment of ocular surface injuries by the transfer of limbal and mesenchymal stem cells growing on nanofibrous scaffolds
Changes in expression of matrix metalloproteinases 1 and 8 in corneal epithelial cells after UV irradiation
The influence of pollen proteases on human conjunctival cells
Trabecular meshwork contribution to the uveoscleral outflow
Cell connections between lens fibres in the posterior pole of human and bovine lenses
Human anterior lens capsule epithelial cell contractions
Macroglial changes in ipsilateral and contralateral rat retina in experimental glaucoma
The human choroid posseses substance P and calcitonine gene-related peptide intrinsic neurons
Pleiotropic effects of statins on the morphology of choroidal endotehlial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells in hypercholesterolemic rabbits
Retinal ganglion cells in culture induced to die by insults of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), rotenone and glutamate/buthionine sulfoximine (GB) are differentially protected by the flavonoids, epicatechin gallate (EG) epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and g
Proteasome inhibitor -induced protein aggregation is regulated via HSP90, HDACs and microtubulus stability in ARPE-19 cells
HSP70 and p62/SQSTM 1 regulate differently autophagy clearance in ARPE-19 cells
Human retinal pigment epithelium expressed tight junction markers in spheroid cultures
Inhibition of Notch pathway enhances photoreceptor commitment from cultured retinal stem cells
A new potential pharmacological target in diabetic retinopathy: the HuR pathway
Correlation between Goldmann applanation tonometry and rebound tonometry in relation to central corneal thickness
On the dependence of outflow facility on Intraocular pressure in the living human eye.
IOP evaluation in glaucoma patients after phacoemulsification
Functional correlation between retinal sensitivity threshold values of standard automated perimetry in glaucoma
SITA-SWAP and SITA-SAP in glaucoma suspects
Relationship between frequency-doubling perimetry indices and optic nerve head parameters measured with the Heidelberg retina tomograph 3
Relationship between the automated classification of Heidelberg retina tomograph and main indices of short-wavelength automated perimetry
Reproducibility of optic disc measurements acquired with spectral-domain optical coherence tomography
An analysis of retinal nerve fiber layer with ImageJ program
Differences in retinal nerve fiber layer meassurements between time domain optical coherence tomograph (OCT) and spectral domain OCT in patients with type 1 diabetes without retinopathy
Glaucomatous optic neuropathy and oscillatory potentials in the ERG to long-duration stimuli
Anterior segment optical coherence tomography imaging of OculusGenTM implants in trabeculectomy blebs
Is subconjunctival inflammation associated with failure of filtering surgeries?
Nitric oxide synthesis is related to astroglial cell cycle in the mouse retina via p53 gene regulation
Screening history of those with severe visual impairment due to diabetic retinopathy
Symmetry of retinopathy in the NI diabetic retinopathy screening programme NIDRSP
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency and proliferative diabetic retinopathy in a Sardinian male population, Italy
Genetic and phenotypic analyses of retinitis pigmentosa in northern Tunisia
Phenotype-genotype correlations of TGFBI in Asian patients
Central corneal thickness and its association with ocular and general parameters in indians. Central India Eye and Medical Study
Differential association of cataract sub-types with obesity and FTO polymorphisms
A novel mitochondrial ND5 gene mutation m.13042G>A in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy
Severe ocular trauma cases: types and incidence
Ocular features and management in the mucopolysaccaridoses
Butaprost, a prostaglandin EP2 receptor agonist, counteracts the negative effect of serum deprivation to retinal ganglion cells
N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) attenuates neuronal cell death in culture not solely by up regulating glutathione (GSH).
Ocular and plasma bioavailability of different memantine formulations after periocular administration
Choroidal blood flow regulation during a latanoprost-induced decrease in intraocular pressure
Urocortin2 relaxes the iris sphincter muscle
Choroidal blood flow response to hyperoxia and hypercapnia in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Intravitreal L-arginine injection reverses the retinal arteriolar vasoconstriction that occurs after experimental acute branch retinal vein occlusion
The effect of betablockers on ocular hemodynamics in anesthetized rabbits
A rat model to study choroidal blood flow
Retrobulbar flow velocities in open angle glaucoma and their association with mean arterial blood pressure
Cis-urocanic acid suppresses UV-B-induced interleukin-6 secretion and cytotoxicity in human corneal and conjunctival epithelial cells in vitro
Combined effects of aging and a pro-diabetic diet on retinal function in a murine model of aging of the human eye
Efficacy and safety of topical cyclosporine versus vehicle in vernal keratoconjunctivitis in children
Comparison of the visual response to corneal enhacement on femtosecond and microkeratome created flaps.
Refractive and biomechanical results of intrastromal ring segments for keratoconus
Descement's membrane detachment diagnosis using a very high frequency ultrasound scanning system (Artemis 2, Ultralink LLC)
Corneal wavefront aberration measured by a rotary scanning system
Visual fields after refractive surgery
Optical qualities of the Boston keratoprosthesis
Reliability and interobserver variability of non-invasive tear film parameters
Ocular Response Analyzer waveforms analysis in normal and post-laser in situ keratomileusis eyes
Wavefront analysis in unilateral herpetic keratitis
Emergency keratoplasty
Corneal biomechanics study: relationship between corneal aberration - hysteresis
Corneal biomechanics study (1): Central corneal thickness versus corneal resistance factor
Tear level of nerve growth factor in normal dogs
Istopathological aspects of complications of DSAEK: our experience
Immune regulatory effect of rapamycin and cyclosporine A on experimental corneal allograft survival
Surveillance cultures of contact lenses of patients with Boston KPRO type keratoprosthesis
Effect os mitomycin C on the cicatricial corneal response on laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy to correct myopia
Limbal choristomas - analysis of surgical technique and postoperative results (3 case reports)
Crosslinking by riboflavin and UVA. An electron transmission microscopy study in rabbits. Preliminary results
LASIK surgery for myopia in Chinese patients
Photorefractive keratectomy FAREK in Chinese patients with myopia
Impact on visual function from light scattering and glistenings in intraocular lenses
Coenzyme Q10 prevents human lens epithelial cells from light-induced apoptotic cell-death by reducing oxidative stress and stabilizing BAX/Bcl-2 ratio
Protective effect of the thioltransferase gene on in vivo UVR-300 nm induced cataract
Evaluation of the improvement of sensibility with the new IOL Master software version 5.4.3
Aspheric intraocular lenses: effect of residual spherical aberration on objective quality of vision
A bilateral congenital pits of the optic nerve head. A case report
Comparison of spectral-domain and time-domain optical coherence tomography for evaluation of macular thickness and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer in multiple sclerosis patients
Rehabilitative treatment of alexia
Superior oblique myokymia as a migraine motor aura
Thyroid eye disease and the internet
Uveal metastasis as initial manifestation of cancer
IgG4-related sclerosing disease: Is there an association with orbital inflammatory pseudotumours?
Orbital and periorbital cystic lesions in Indian children: A retrospective analysis from a tertiary care hospital
Serous retinal detachment caused by a choroidal metastasis treated with subtenon triamcinolone injection
Metastatic cancer presenting with ocular symptoms: a series of cases
Comparison of mono- and bicanalicular silicone stent intubation in dacryocystorhinostomy
The effect of a yellow filter on visual performance of older subjects with low macular pigment optical density
Optical filters influence on pupil size according to their material and spectral characteristics
Optico-anatomical changes of prematurity children eyes
How does normal crowding affect visual acuity?
Wavefront map analysis of single vision and progressive ophthalmic lenses
The effect of ocular higher order aberrations on contrast sensitivity.
Validation of Modified Grating Test as a visual acuity test in low vision patients with retinitis pigmentosa
Anterior segment biometrics - investigation of hyperopic eyes with Orbscan
The AGREE instrument applied to visual health: an assessment of the health protocols used in Spain to measure the effects exposure to VDT
Visual symptomology associated with workers using VDT: a review in the last decade
Electroretinogram alterations in a monozygotic twin sisters discordant retinitis pigmentosa
The damaging effect of various intensities of light on retinal function in pigmented rats.
Analysis of multifocal electroretinography implicit times in the prediction of macular hole formation
Morphofunctional changes of macular area in diabetic macular edema
Development of a software for the exchange of electrophysiological data of vision with PACS systems based on DICOM
Corneal surface regeneration: epithelial sheets to epithelial crypts
Hans Goldmann (1899 - 1991) - the man who coined the daily practice of ophthalmology worldwide during half a century until today
From intravitreal cell-encoated drug therapy to low-(brain-)pressure-glaucoma
Pathogen interactions in the pathogenesis of endophthalmitis
Age-related macular degeneration; an Alzheimer's disease in the eye?
Unravelling the mysteries of ocular lymphomas
Prophylaxis in ocular surgery
Meibomian gland dysfunction: management and treatment
A new treatment for Meibomian gland dysfunction
The prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy of a new eye drop for the treatment of murine dry eye induced by intelligently controlled environmental system
Macular edema and RVO. Role of inflammation
Use of steroids in Macular Edema, are all the steroids the same?
New developments in treating Macular Edema, Posurdex RVO Phase III results
Macular edema - With all the new data (BRAVO, SCORE and Posurdex) where to from here?
Ophthalmic Research Lecture - Role of the vascular endothelial cell in uveitis
Three years experience of Quantiferon®Gold testing
Implantation of intraocular lens in children with uveitis: long term visual outcome and prognosis
Aqueous humor heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like levels in patients with acute anterior uveitis.
Aqueous humor keratinocyte growth factor levels in patients with acute anterior uveitis.
A case of intraocular dirofilaria in a dog: alarm bell for human beings?
Inhibition of viral replication in vitro by antiviral-treated amniotic membrane
Ultrastructure of anterior lens capsule in uveitic cataract
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome: A case with scleritis
The role of VEGF in intermediate uveitis patients
Intracameral amphotericin B in the management of Candida glabrata anterior uveitis after penetrating keratoplasty
Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging and fiber tracking of trigeminal nerves in relapsing herpetic keratouveitis
Interest of QuantiFERON®-TB (QT) Gold test (Cellestis) in patients with positive Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) in etiologic and therapeutic work-up in uveitis
Ocular hypertension and uveitis: about 103 cases of uveitis
Outcome following ranibizimab therapy for neovascular age related macular degeneration in patients with poor, intermediate and good vision
Wet AMD treatment with ranibizumab - structural and functional changes during treatment
Anti-VEGF therapy and influence of vitreomacular traction in wet AMD
Evaluation and inter-observer analysis of retinography existing clinical classification system to categorize moderate retinopathies
Intravitreal bevacizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration: twelve months of follow up
Retinal pigment epithelial tears following administration of intravitreal bevacizumab (3 case reports)
Comparison of corneal thickness, anterior segment depth and pupil diameter between patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration and controls
Repeatability in the measurement of macular pigment optical density using the Metropsis Test.
Comparison of macular pigment optical density (MPOD) between a northern European and a Mediterranean population
Verteporfin encapsulated in cationic liposomes as an alternative drug for PDT
Effects of photodynamic therapy on retinal vessels in the mouse model of laser-induced choroidal neovascularization
Intravitreal bevacizumab for choroidal neovascularization secondary to angioid streaks: one year follow-up
Comparative assessment of S. aureus microbial biofilm inhibition by an N-alkyl-polyethyleneimine covalently attached to PMMA or titanium in the Boston Keratoprosthesis
Macular edema and neovascularization in a case of Stargardt macular dystrophy
Some questions of immune response to retinal S-antigen and development of myopia's complications
Treatment of neovascularization myopic with ranibizumab: 18-month results
Bevacizumab and ranibizumab treatments for neovascularization from causes other than age-related macular degeneration
Comparison of spectral-domain cirrus optical coherence tomography (OCT) and time-domain Stratus OCT for the evaluation of macular and peripapillar retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in patients with diabetes type 2
Differences in macular thickness studied by time domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) and spectral domain OCT in healthy subjects
Comparison of Spectralis Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) and time-domain Stratus OCT for the evaluation of macular thickness in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2
Comparison of the peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in healthy subjects measured by spectral-domain Cirrus optical coherence tomography and time-domain Stratus optical coherence tomography
Repeatability of retinal nerve fiber layer and macular thickness measurements using Cirrus Fourier-domain optical coherence.
Comparison of spectral-domain Cirrus optical coherence tomography and time-domain Stratus optical coherence tomography for the evaluation of macular thickness in healthy subjects
Retinal nerve fiber layer and macular thickness measured with Cirrus and Spectralis Fourier-domain optical coherence tomographies: comparative study in healthy eyes.
Clinically useful wide-field high-resolution retinal imaging optics with a dual-conjugate adaptive instrument
Local and genetical determinants of vascular endothelial growth factor in vision threating proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Intravitreal combination of triamcinolone acetonide - bevacizumab (Kenacort-Avastin) in diabetic macular edema
Visual function vs quality of life assessment in patients with laser-treated diabetic macular oedema
Use of the contrast sensibility in the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema
Use of retinal photography in the diagnosis of clinically significant macular edema (CSME)
Ocular and systemic endothelial function in the offspring of diabetics: a pilot study
Efficacy after intravitreal bevacizumab and triamcinolone injection in BRVO patients
Bilateral central serous chorioretinopathy in a patient with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
Internal limiting membrane surrounding idiopathic stage 4 macular hole contains bundles of actin microfilaments
Mechanics of a macular hole: formation and surgical closure
Long-term visual prognosis in necrotising herpetic retinitis
Vitreous haemorrhage and retinal vasculitis as manifestations of cat-scratch disease
Aging and glaucoma
AION and glaucoma: similarities and difference
Ocular blood flow and visual field preservation?
Prevention of corneal graft rejection
Principles of immunosuppression in uveitis
The present role of corticosteroids in uveitis
Traditional immunosuppressants for uveitis
Interferon-alpha for uveitis
Immunosuppression in children (JIA)
Infliximab (Remicade?) in uveitis: a review
Final results of European Remicade? RESCU study
Adalimumab (Humira®) therapy for uveitis
Pitfalls in statistics and how to avoid them - part 1
Tips and tricks for writing a manuscript
Pitfalls in statistics and how to avoid them - part 2
Diabetic retinopathy
Pigmented lesions
Age related macular degeneration
Retinal dystrophies
What do I need to improve my glaucoma skills?
Refraction and refractive surgery
Corneal bacterial infections
Infectious crystalline keratopathy
Epidemiology of viral infections
Herpes and zoster keratitis
Fungal infections
Parasitic corneal infections
What is the consequence of retinal detachment on anatomy and function?
Retinal detachment in phakic patients
Primary vitrectomy in retinal detachment: is scleral buckling still indicated?
Retinal detachment after ocular trauma
Retinal detachment after uveitis
Glaucoma and retina
Diagnosis of ophthalmic tumours
Management of uveal tumours
Management of retinal tumours
Management of conjunctival tumours
Lid tumours
Orbital tumours
Segmentation of FD-OCT images shows selective loss of inner retinal layers in patients with DM and no or early DR
Assessing macular edema- prognostic parameters by OCT
Cirrus HD OCT algorithms for macula and retinal nerve fiber analysis
High-definition Fourier domain OCT: non-invasive assessment of BRB changes
Diabetic retinopathy - Apoptosis and BRB breakdown prevention in early diabetic retinopathy
The role of HIF-1 alfa in apoptosis and proliferative retinopathy
The effects of sub-conjunctival EPO administration on ERG and on the peripheral blood haematocrit in animal model (rabbit)
Tolerance and safety of ocular use of recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEPO). Neuroprotective effects in ocular hypertension/glaucoma
Intravitreal and plasmatic levels of erythropoietin after sub-conjunctival administration in rabbits
The clinical potential of RPE cells in retinal repair
Stem cell applications for retinal pigment epithelial cell defects
Biomaterials for RPE tissue engineering and cell microencapsulation
Regulation of retinal ganglion cell gene expression by bHLH transcription factors in the developing and ischemic retinas
The distribution of neuroglobin in mouse eye
Role of inflammation-related gene polymorphisms in branch retinal vein occlusion
Morphological and functional characteristics of the hyperautofluorescent parafoveal ring in retinitis pigmentosa
Gene therapy mediates cone rescue and rejuvenation in the R91W mutant form of Rpe65-deficiency mice
Importance of electroretinogram in bull's eye maculopathy
LOC387715/ARMS2 studies - gene sequencing as a procedure of choice
Hunter's syndrome and buphthalmos in a girl: an unusual ophthalmic association
Why do we need a biomechanical approach to the ocular rigidity concept?
Biomechanical models for clinical data analysis of pressure-volume relationship in the human eye
Ocular rigidity in living human eyes in health and disease
Ocular rigidity and ocular response analyzer
Evidence for altered ocular rigidity in glaucoma
Ocular pulse amplitude under pressure: what happens to OPA in glaucoma before and after surgery?
Visual and cognitive function in adolescents born with very low birth weight - a 15- year follow-up
Ocular motor development in normal and premature children
Eye alignment in low birth weight and/or prematurity
Visual impairment in children born before 25 gestational weeks - boys are more vulnerable than girls
Update on risk factors and future perspectives for preterm infants
A new tissue-polymer hybrid drug delivery system for artificial corneas
Evaluation of anterior chamber depth in aphakic and pseudophakic patients with Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis
Retinal detachments after Boston keratoprosthesis: incidence, predisposing factors and outcomes of repair
Prospective evaluation of the Boston keratoprosthesis
Cost-effectiveness of the Boston keratoprosthesis
Boston keratoprosthesis with titanium back plate
Macular thickness alterations after cataract surgery determined by optical coherence tomography
Slitlamp integrated OCT, what you can see, is what you can scan
Scanning beyond the limits of standard OCT: OCT scans of the peripheral retina and the anterior chamber angle with a slitlamp integtrated FD-OCT system
Screening for retinal detachment using a wide field scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Optical coherence tomography and biomicroscopical analysis in macular holes
Does internal longitudinal microstructure of retinal veins change with age in medically healthy persons?
The AMD-associated complement factor H (CFH) polymorphism Y402H results in decreased CFH localisation to Bruch's membrane
Lornoxicam pharmacokinetics in the vitreous humor of albino rabbits
Subconjunctival injection of bevacizumab (Avastin®) for corneal neovascularization
Activity of corneal nociceptive nerve fibers during allergic challenge of the ocular surface
Cytochrome C oxidase expression in retinal rod outer segment disks
Vasopressin receptors in ocular tissues and their impact on ocular hydrodynamics
The neuromuscular junction microenvironment in extraocular and limb muscles
Keratinisation status and cytokeratins of the human Meibomian gland epithelium
In search for correlation among markers for limbal stem cells niche
Chromosomal number aberrations and transformation in adult mouse retinal stem cells in vitro
Hypertonicity-induced decrease in aquaporin-4 expression in retinal pigmented epithelial cells
The Bmi1 polycomb gene as a target for therapies against retinal degeneration
Splicing defect in Calpain12 cDNA of a recessive cataract mutation in rats (cat)
Genomic (epigenetic) DNA methylation in patients with open-angle glaucoma
Phenotype-genotype relationship of TGFβI corneal dystrophies among Polish families
Gene screening at the 13q32 keratoconus locus
A novel congenital Stargardt-like macular dystrophy
Analysis of SERPING1 and its association with age-related macular degeneration
Until what age should glaucoma be monitored and/or treated? A novel index that facilitates clinical decision making
Relationship between standard automated perimetry and high-resolution optical coherence tomography in glaucoma patients
RTVue Fourier-domain OCT: reproducibility of RNFLT and macular thickness measurements
Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and central corneal thickness in ocular hypertensive patients and healthy subjects
Rarebit visual field follow-up in pediatric glaucoma
The retinal nerve fiber layer and the optic nerve head morphology after glaucoma surgery
Toxic effect of vigabatrin on retinal nerve fiber layer
Preterm and at term children: morphological and functional analysis of optic nerve and visual pathway with OCT, HRT and pVEP
Studying electrophysiological characteristics in children with congenital sensory nystagmus- case presentations
Zone-I retinopathy of prematurity, progression and scheduling of treatment
A new technique of anterior TAP enhances the positivity of CMV by PCR in hypertensives anterior uveitis
Efficacy of systemic ganciclovir as a therapeutic strategy for cytomegalovirus-associated anterior uveitis in immunocompetent patients
Foveal serous detachment in juvenile idiopathic arthritis(JIA)-associated uveitis
Can the corneal endothelium of the pig proliferate in vivo?
Visual outcomes and safety of Intacs versus KeraRing intracorneal ring segment implantation in keratoconus
A new storage medium for pre-cut donor tissue for DSAEK in eye bank
Effect of corneal collagen crosslinking on corneal sensitivity, tear function and innervation: a clinical and confocal microscopic study
Results of amniotic membrane transplantation with diathermocoagulation for corneal hydrops secondary to kerotoconus
DSAEK grafted corneas remain clear with low endothelial cell counts
Comparision of deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty results in different TGFβI corneal dystrophies
In vivo imaging of microglial cell trafficking
In vivo imaging of retinal inflammation in experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis
In vivo confocal microscopic evaluation of inflammatory changes in the ocular surface
Role of NO in retinal vascular disease
Introduction on the multifaceted roles of nitric oxide in the retina
Interventions via the NO system and tachyphylaxia
Nitric oxide and inflammation
Nitric oxide and cGMP protect the retina from ischemia and mediate somatostatin's neuroprotective effects
Anatomy of the Meibomian gland
Physiological impact of the Meibomian gland on ocular surface integrity
Keratinisation of the Meibomian gland as an important factor in Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)
New insights into Meibomian gland function from gene expression experiments
Pathological alterations in Meibomian gland dysfunction as an important factor in ocular surface disease
The role of SERPING1 in age related macular degeneration
CFH, C3 and ARMS2 are significant risk loci for age-related macular degeneration but not for late stage disease progression
Genetic influences on biomarkers in AMD
Functional genomics of systemic complement activation in AMD
Can diet reduce the genetic risk of AMD?
Individualised risk in AMD
Ocular blood flow autoregulation and the clinical implications of its alteration
Most readily usable methods to measure ocular blood flow
Disease mechanisms leading to impaired blood flow in glaucoma
Impact of medication on ocular blood flow
Recent developments of glaucoma in children
Recent developments of dry eye in children
Management of neuro-ophthalmology cases in children
Recent developments of ocular allergy in children
Recent developments in retinopathy of prematurity
Concordia pro visu: initiative, purpose and developments
EBO, ENET and accredited courses
EUPO courses
SOE and its role in Concordia
EVER and emphasis of research in teaching
Current methods of teaching ocular microsurgery
Management of macular edema due to branch retinal vein occlusion with intravitreal injections of pegaptanib sodium
Myopic choroidal neovascularization treated by intravitreal bevacizumab: comparison of two different initial doses
VEGF is reduced in breast milk after intravitreal injection of bevacizumab
Inflammatory factors in experimental retinal vein occlusion
Low dose verteporfin (1.5mg/m2) in chronic idiopathic central serous chorioretinopathy
Apoptotic activity of intravitreal bevacizumab on rabbit retina
Intravitreal bevacizumab as primary local treatment for choroidal neovascularization secondary to uveitis
Photodynamic therapy for symptomatic circumscribed choroidal hemangioma
Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibition and nerve stimulation frequency on autonomous choroidal vasodilation
Microstructural alterations of the retinal arterial blood column along the vessel axis in healthy volunteers with age
Effect of breathing a mixture of 92% O2 + 8% CO2 on flicker induced vasodilatation
Effects of moxaverine on ocular blood flow in patients with age-related macular degeneration, patients with primary open angle glaucoma and in healthy controls
Effect of glaucoma and glaucoma risk factors on choroidal hemodynamics
In vitro transcorneal and transscleral diffusion of radiolabeled compounds in human and rabbit cornea and in human, monkey, dog, and rabbit sclera
Consequences of dietary omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid deficiency on retinal function and intraocular pressure in the rat
Visual function after cataract surgery in patients with an aspherical lens without spherical aberration
Wavefront aberrometry advances in refractive surgery
Wavefront aberrations variations with accommodation
Adaptive optics applied to the vision simulator
Custom wavefront contact lenses
Colorimetric comparison between different filtered IOLs and human crystalline lenses at various ages
The effect of upregulated LOX and LOXL2 on inflammation and fibrosis in a laser induced CNV model
Is inhibition of VEGF165 sufficient to inhibit scar formation after trabeculectomy?
Intraocular pressure and associated factors in a Central Indian population. The Central India Eye and Medical Study
Screening history in those requiring fast track referral for proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) in the ni diabetic retinopathy screening programme
Frequency of pterygium in indigenous Kadiweu
Relationship between IOP and age in the Salzburg-Moorfields-Collaborative Glaucoma Study
Major eye diseases and risk factors associated with systemic hypertension in an adult chinese population: the Beijing Eye Study
Aging and glaucoma
Association between optic nerve head blood flow as assessed with Laser Doppler Flowmetry and mean arterial blood pressure in glaucoma, ocular hypertension and healthy control subjects
Vascular endothelial dysfunction in primary open angle glaucoma
Sympathetic influence on intraocular pressure
Sympathetic variability of intraocular pressure of glaucoma patients evaluated by wavelets
Measurement of IOP with radiowave telemetry
Factors affecting ocular rigidity in normal human eyes
Sensitivity of applanation tonometry readings to the geometrical parameters of the sclera and the shape of the cornea
Retinal oxygenation in diabetic retinopathy
Retinal photocoagulation and oxygenation
Retinal and optic nerve oxygenation and carbonic anhydrase inhibition
Noninvasive oximetry and glaucoma
Retinal vessel oximetry made simple and reliable - principle, performance and clinical results
Retinal vessel oximetry using sequential and ‘snapshot’ hyperspectral imaging
Need for training the trainers programme in harmonisation of education
The role of the professor as leader and promotor of science
Needs from residents' perspective and SOE YO
EBO curriculum development
How to conduct a good viva voce?
How to teach residents to teach and to select proper residents for this goal
Professionalism and appraisal
Surgical experience and outcome of scleral buckling procedures in retinal detachment
Investigation of particular surgical steps in epiretinal prostheses implantation procedure in pigs
Sutureless encircling band - biomechanical calculations and clinical experience
Electronic subretinal implants allow blind retinitis pigmentosa patients to read letters and recognize the direction of fine stripe patterns
First experience with The IRIS retinal implant system
The study of chromatic and achromatic VEP in the first year of life
Acquired loss of chromatic sensitivity
Differential effects of ageing on foveal and peripheral colour vision
Chromatic sensitivity in subjects with diabetes
Pre-receptoral spectral absorption, healthy ageing and pre-clinical indications of retinal disease
On the effectiveness of cone mosaic geometry in sampling patterns near the Nyquist frequency
Pterygium surgery long term follow-up
Distribution of amyloid and BIG-H3 in the cornea and limbus of a patient with lattice corneal dystrophy. Unique findings in donated eyes
Detection of osmoprotective effect of topical compatible solutes on ocular surface epithelia
Alcohol vs. mechanical delamination in the treatment of corneal erosion: an electron microscopic study
Lymphocyte and markers of inflammation detection in the conjunctival epithelium of patients with dry eye by enhanced flow cytometry
Sutureless and glue free conjunctival autograft in pterygium surgery
Ocular surface findings in patients with congential aniridia
Compare optical with photometry measures of tear film lipid layer
Evaluation of spatial contrast sensitivity after the instillation of diclofenac eye drops
Loss of thioredoxin activity as an important contributor to oxidative stress in lens of diabetic rats
Treating diabetic dogs with topical KinostatTM for cataracts: proof of concept clinical trial
Anticataract effect as a predictor of drug efficacy against early diabetes-induced retinal changes
Differences in lens opacification in type 2 diabetic patients on oral anti-diabetic medication or insulin therapy
Preoperative topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or steroid and clinical outcomes after trabeculectomy
Microplasmin improves surgical outcome in a rabbit model for trabeculectomy
Do patients with normal tension glaucoma have a thinner conjunctiva?
Effect of phacoemulsification on the primary open angle glaucoma control after trabeculectomy: a case-control study
A new technique for diode laser cyclophotocoagulation: short term results
Inflammation assessment after selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) treatment
Oculopalatal tremor
Superior oblique myokymia
Macrosquare wave jerks
Ocular neuromyotonia
Hereditary vitreoretinopathies
Protein screening in vitreous samples of patients with retinal vein occlusion
Pharmacokinetics of intraocular microplasmin. Revelance to themechanism of action
Insights into the molecular basis of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
Transthyretin levels in the vitreous correlate with change in visual acuity after vitrectomy
Target oriented selection of electrophysiological endpoints in preclinical and clinical trials
Separating physiological from pathological effects of drugs tested for retinal toxicity in animal models
The mysterious a-wave
Electrophysiological assessment of optic neuropathies in neuro-ophthalmological practice
Novel mutations and electrophysiological findings in RGS9 and R9AP associated retinal dysfunction (Bradyopsia)
Ultrasound biomicroscopy for the analysis of the anterior segment
Anterior segment OCT in corneal diseases and surgery
In vivo confocal microscopy of the cornea and conjunctiva
Diffuse keratoconjunctival diseases: an in vivo confocal microscopic study
Anterior segment OCT versus UBM in the surgical management of pseudophakic bullous keratopathy
Anterior segment OCT in glaucoma
The different domains of the point spread function - Small angle vs large angle
Challenges in optical measurement of scatter
Optical simulation of large and small angle scatterers
Straylight in function of wavelength and refraction
Intraocular straylight screening in medical testing centres for driver licence holders in Spain
Quality of life in cataract patients and the role of stray light
Women in ophthalmology: From bench to boardroom
Oncocytic lesions of the ophthalmic region
A Western blot analysis of P-glycoprotein in retinoblastoma
Heterogeneity in uveal melanoma assessed by multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA)
Revisiting the value of assessing the mitotic rate of choroidal melanoma
Granular cell tumour of the lacrimal gland
Immunohistochemical findings and proliferation markers in uveal melanomas after gamma-knife radiosurgery
Ophthalmologic outcome of 40 spheno-orbital meningioma resections: 15 years long-term results
3 Intravitreal ranibizumab injections series for the treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD), 18 months follow-up
Outcome of exudative aged-related macular degeneration (ARMD) after 3 intravitreal injections of bevacizumab
Combined intravitreal bevacizumab and triamcinolone for exudative age-related macular degeneration
Focal photodynamic therapy for idiopathic polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy
Prospective evaluation of macular and parapapillary morphology and their association with cognition in childhood and old age
Retinal angiomatous proliferation: is intravitreal ranibizumab therapy enough?
Combined 23-gauge sutureless pars plana vitrectomy (ppV), injection of recombined tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA), expansile gas and bevacizumab treating acute subretinal haemorrhage (SRH) in exudative AMD
Findings in electrooculography and multifocal electroretinography in patients after bevacizumab treatment for age-related macular degeneration
Importance of electron microscopy in neuronal ceroid lipofucinosis
Extensive macular atrophy with pseudodrusen-like appearance (EMAP), a new clinical entity
Accommodation and pupillary response in the reading of texts with varying cognitive demand
Prevalence of myopia in preschool Singapore Chinese children
Comparison of refractive cylinder and corneal cylinder in aphakic eyes
Central corneal thickness (CCT) and intraocular pressure (IOP) in myopic adult Chinese
Validation and use of simulated corneal endothelium specular microscopy images
Intraocular pressure measurements values in patients who have had uneventful deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty
Technical standardisation to measure the ocular surface lipid layer with Meibometer 550
A pocket slitlamp
Dextran 70 solutions for the intra-operative control of corneal hydration in rabbit corneas
Simultaneous topo-guided photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) followed by collagen cross-linking (CXL) for the treatment of keratoconus
Comparison of morphometric and morphological OCT Visante and UBM potential in anterior segment imaging
Antioxidants reduce diabetic damage in bovine lenses in culture
Cell death in lens epithelial cells after stimulation of the sigma-2 receptor
Nanostructural properties of intraocular lenses (IOLs) - atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) investigations
Predictive factors of visual outcome in acute post-cataract endophthalmitis
The crystalline lens higher fatty acids influence on the lens physical characteristics
Hardness of a crystalline lens and accommodation
Evaluation of quality of life, and priorities in people with glaucoma
Measuring visual diasability in glaucoma
What do patients with glaucoma do when they search and look at everyday scenes?
Fitness to drive in glaucoma patients- Preliminary study results
IC3D classification of corneal dystrophies
How to tell dystrophies of Bowman's layer (Reis-Bücklers and Thiel-Behnke) from one another
Overview of the TGFBI corneal dystrophies
A variant TGFBI corneal dystrophy from G623D mutation with an unusual amyloidogenic phenotype
TGFBI gene mutations in Hungary - polymorphic corneal amyloidosis caused by the novel F547S mutation
New perspectives of optical coherrence tomography in diagnosis and follow-up of macular holes
Macular hole surgery with and without internal limiting membrane peeling
Internal limiting membrane staining
23G versus 20G for macular hole surgery. Efficacy, safety and patient satisfaction
Face down posturing for macular hole surgery. Is it really required?
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) versus perfluoropropane (C3F8) gas tamponade for macular hole surgery
The initial consultation
Retinal causes
Visual hallucinations and illusions: neurological considerations
Predicted long-term outcome of corneal transplantation
Beyond penetrating keratoplasty: the challenge of endothelial transplantation
Experimental assessment of endothelial viability of grafts
Endothelial grafts with manually dissected endothelio-Descemet. Eye bank and surgical point of view
Insights into regulation of the human corneal endothelial cell cycle
Developing gene therapies for corneal endothelial disorders
Oxidative stress from in vivo dual waveband exposure to ultraviolet radiation
Oxidative effects on the glutathione enzyme systems
The role of mitochondrial glutaredoxin-2 in protecting cells against oxidative stress
Enhanced age-related and diabetes-induced cataract in mice lacking CuZn-superoxide dismutase
Orally active multi-functional antioxidants for the treatment of cataracts and AMD
The ubiquitin proteasome pathway - Repair or degradation of damaged proteins
We're still under pressure: postoperative hypertony
Help, I've been too successful: postoperative hypotony
Cataract, loss of visual acuity, infection after trabeculectomy
Non-viral strategies of intra-ocular gene delivery
Immune responses to gene therapy vectors in the context of corneal transplantation
Regulation of transgene expression
Gene therapy for corneal transplantation
Gene therapy: can we prevent/modulate apoptosis in EC?
Gene therapy for posterior uveitis
Non surgical approach in diabetic macular edema: the future ?
Which place for surgery for macular edema due to diabetic retinopathy ?
Is there still a place for vitrectomy in the treatment of macular edema due to venous occlusion ?
Macular edema in epiretinal membrane and vitreomacular traction
Macular edema and uveitis: may we find a place for surgery
History of and necessity for KPros
The first keratoprosthesis implantation 1n 1955
Boston keratoprosthesis
Boston type I in pediatric patients
Design, surgical technique and complications MOOKP
AlphaCor, Pintucci, Supradescemetic
Gene transfer of disease regulated promoters during experimental autoimmune uveitis
Evaluation of cerebrospinal fluid pressure in patients with Alzheimer's disease as a possible cause of glaucoma
Investigating the influence of wavelength, light intensity and macular pigmentation on retinal straylight
The effect of microplamin on wound healing after glaucoma filtration surgery
Study of the immune response in patients with uveitis and latent tuberculosis
The Sanger Institute mouse genetics programme: progress on the high throughput characterisation of knockout mice
Recent findings and perspectives of the vision screen in the German Mouse Clinic
Screening for mouse eye and vision defects at MRC Harwell
Visual phenotyping at the Institut Clinique de la Souris
Precise monitoring of intraocular inflammation by LFP: the gold standard
Progress in monitoring inflammation in JIA
Gain in accuracy for diagnosis and follow-up of uveitis through indocyanine green angiography
Global angiographic scoring system for inflammatory diseases
Progress in monitoring inflammatory CMO
Progress in the appraisal and management of inflammatory CNVs
Metastatic disease in small uveal melanomas: retrospective review of 368 patients
Clinical presentation, pathological features and natural course of metastatic uveal melanoma (MUM) as an orphan and commonly fatal disease
Uveal melanoma: management and outcome of patients with extraocular spread
Cytogenetic profile of locally invasive posterior uveal melanoma
Does delayed treatment shorten the life of patients with fatal choroidal melanoma?
An audit of eccentrically-positioned ruthenium plaque radiotherapy of choroidal melanoma in Liverpool
Primary photodynamic therapy of choroidal melanoma
Open-sky biopsy of ciliary body or choroidal tumors of undetermined origin: utility and safety
Semi-automated assessment of microaneurysm formation rate from color fundus photographs in patients with mild NPDR
Validation of a predictive model for diabetic retinopathy progression in type-2 diabetic patients with mild nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy.
Retinal hemodynamic changes in diabetic macular edema
Long-term result of intravitreal steroid for macular oedema: 2 to 5 year follow-up of 92 eyes
The relationship between retinal hemodynamics and systemic markers of endothelial function and inflammation in type 2 diabetes
Assessment of retinal arteriolar hemodynamics in patients pre- and post-cataract extraction
Effects of conventional argon panretinal laser photocoagulation on retinal nerve fibre layer and driving visual fields in diabetic retinopathy
How should we quantify the performance of KPro's? VATI
The Boston keratoprosthesis in autoimmune disease
Boston keratoprosthesis in pediatric patients
Long-term functional and anatomical results of OOKP and tibial OKP: Barcelona experience
Tibial KPro
MOOKP clinical results and Indications
AlphaCor, Pintucci, Supradescemetic
Clinical decision paths in KPro Surgery
Safety evaluation of intravitreal use of a beta2-agonist in rabbit eyes
The role of lox and LOXL2 in inflammation and fibrosis in a laser induced mouse model
Can preoperative bevacizumab improve trabeculectomy outcome? Avastin-Trab study
Is neuroglobin (Ngb) a perspective for glaucoma?
Immunimodulation of corneal epithelial cells following electroporation with mRNA encoding IL-10 and FasL
Fundamentals of cataract development
Micro-incision (MICS), perfecting wound incision
MICS, mastering the critical steps
MICS and vitreo retinal surgeries
MICS and glaucoma
Prophylaxis of posttraumatic endophthalmitis
Animal studies for the prevention of endophthalmitis
Bacterial keratitis: the clinical problem
Animal models for the treatment of bacterial keratitis
The use of animal models for the evaluation of ocular antiviral agents
Basic principles of radiotherapy in ophtalmic oncology
The treatment of uveal melanoma by ruthenium plaques
18 years experience of the use of proton beam in ophthalmic tumours
Limiting the sequelae of irradiation in retinoblastoma patients by using globe and orbital brachytherapy with iodine 125
The use of ruthenium plaque brachytherapy in retinoblastoma
The treatment of uveal melanoma with iodine plaque brachytherapy
Principle of adaptive optics
Telangiectasia evaluated with adaptive optics and HR-OCT
Spectral domain OCT of exudative AMD
Drusen in adaptive optics and SD-OCT
Chorioretinal anastomosis in adaptive optic and high definition spectral domain optical coherence tomography
Perspective for adaptive optics
Runnig a clinical service for KPros
How do we get started with offering MOOKP clinical service?
Why we never use a KPro and MOOKP
Inflammatory responses to KPro: can we control them?
Retinal detachment in Falcinelli's modified osteoodontokeratoprosthesis
Tibial Bone KPro technique and long term results
Management of oculoplastic problems in the OOKP eye
Dealing with complications of MOOKP: VR
Quantification of neuronal cells in healthy rat retinas by flow cytometry
Clearance of dying cells in the retina - relevance to age-related macula degeneration
Role of HSP70 and p62 in regulation of autophagy clearance in ARPE-19 cells
Occludin changes in retinal vessels after experimental vein thrombosis in rats
Structural consequences after intravitreal bevacizumab injection in a retinopathy of prematurity mouse model
Relationship between VEGF expression and the retina following light-damage
Circulating bone marrow-derived endothelial precursor cells contribute to neovascularization in diabetic epiretinal membranes
Encouraging results of a VEGF kinoid against experimental choroidal neovascularization
Experience with adalimumab for the treatment of non-infectious uveitis
Ocular toxoplasmosis recurrences: a single center case report
Ophthalmic microsporidiosis: the Manchester experience
Topical levofloxacin 1.5% Is effective in reducing levofloxacin-resistant MRSA and FQ-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa in keratitis models
TNFα suppresses IFNγ-induced MHC Class II expression in retinal pigmented epithelial cells by down regulating Class II trans-activator mRNA
In vitro antimicrobial effect of vitreous endotamponading substances
An epidemiologic analysis of staphylococcus aureus-associated keratitis in Boston
Pigmented eyelid lesion - unexpected findings
Uveal melanoma in a 12-year old child
Irido-cilio-choroidal melanoma in a 5-year old child
A child with a melanocytic ciliary body tumour
Local resection of end-stage choroidal melanoma
Large retinal hemangioma treated in second hand by betabrachytherapy, on a single eye of a young adult
Sudden loss of vision 15 years after renal transplantation
Orbital mantle cell lymphoma
Complex regulation of choroidal blood flow during combined changes in blood pressure and IOP
Evaluation of choroidal blood flow after treatment of retinal diseases
Age-related macular degeneration: hemodynamic changes
Subfoveal choroidal blood flow and central retinal function in retinitis pigmentosa
Autoregulation in the choroid
Choroidal blood flow and retinal ganglion cell function in early glaucoma
Biosynthetic corneas - evaluation in humans
Keratoprosthesis surgery: Eastern European and Russian devices
Glaucoma associated with KPros
Improving the optics of KPros
Glaucoma treathment in MOOKP
An antibiotic releasing contact lens
Does imaging help with preventing extrusion?
The clinical psychologist's role in the OOKP clinic. A one year review
Emerging and poorly known viral inflammatory eye diseases
Uveitis caused by fastidious bacteria
Serpiginous choroiditis revisited
Appraisal and management of subclinical choroidal inflammation: the iceberg phenomenon
Significance of autofluorescence in choriocapillaritis