Ophthalmic experience over 10 years in an observational nationwide Danish cohort of Fabry patients with access to enzyme replacement

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ABSTRACT.Purpose:Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) was offered from year 2001 to patients with Fabry disease. The ophthalmic experience was analysed, as part of a general 10-year status.Methods:A retrospective observational series comprising 39 patients (25 females, 14 males) closely followed by the endocrinologists, and with regular ophthalmic control. Time of inclusion was when the option of ERT was started, at age 11–60 years. Eye data (standard eye examination, including retinal imaging) were incomplete in five, due to death or non-attendance, and five patients had refused treatment.Results:Vision was normal throughout, except in two young males with total unilateral central retinal artery occlusion, prior to and during enzyme replacement, respectively. Cornea verticillata and conjunctival vessel ectasies were common. Tortuosity of retinal arterioles and venules was recorded in eight and 18 patients, respectively, and phlebopathy in 22, although generally without evidence of loss of vessel wall integrity. Systemic vascular lesions with or without loss of function were recorded for kidney (n= 23), heart (n= 17) and brain (n= 7), and an association was suggested between nephropathy and abnormal morphology of retinal vessels.Conclusions:Thirteen of 32 patients on ERT showed a reduction of corneal deposits over the study period. Abnormal ocular vessel morphology was a frequent finding. In contrast to the function loss related to systemic ischaemic lesions, we found no indication of impairment of visual parameters in 37. Compared to other Fabry series, two of 39 patients with serious unilateral occlusive retinal disease may appear a high number. The presence of retinal tortuosity is discussed, possibly reflecting haemodynamic events related to vessel wall deposits, but could also be ‘constitutional’, as part of the Fabry inheritance.

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