Specific spatial distribution of caspase-3 in normal lenses

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ABSTRACT.Purpose:To determine the distribution of active caspase-3 in rat eye lens epithelium.Methods:In total, 120 sagittal sections from forty rats were assessed for active caspase-3 labelling using immunohistochemistry. Lens epithelial cells were counted, and the fraction of active caspase-3 labelled cells and their relative positions were identified in each section.Results:Active caspase-3 is present in normal lens epithelium. The active caspase-3 expression was higher in the anterior pole of the lens. Probability of radial spatial distribution of labelling was fitted with a logistic model. The increase rate and the inflection point were estimated as CI (0.95) to 23 ± 3 cells and 114 ± 3 cells, respectively.Conclusion:The gradually decreasing active caspase-3 labelling from the anterior pole to the periphery suggests that active caspase-3 may be involved in normal protein turnover caused by, for example, incident light.

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