A Scandinavian Adaptation of the Multi-Clinic Smell and Taste Questionnaire: Evaluation of Questions About Olfaction

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ObjectiveA Scandinavian adaptation of the Multi-Clinic Smell and Taste Questionnaire (MCSTQ-Sc) was evaluated with respect to comprehension and test–retest reliability for responses to questions about olfactory dysfunction (abnormal sensitivity, parosmia and phantosmia) and related questions about medical history and consequences of olfactory dysfunction.Material and MethodsComprehension was evaluated in a first study in 20 patients with chief complaints of olfactory dysfunction by comparing questionnaire- and interview-based responses. Test–retest reliability was evaluated in a second study in a other 30 patients with olfactory complaints.ResultsData from the two studies suggest that the vast majority of the questions evaluated from the MCSTQ-Sc are comprehensible and generate responses with very good reliability. Distinct exceptions were poor agreement between the questionnaire- and interview-based responses for questions about the number of cigarettes smoked and the pleasantness and typical episode length of phantosmia; the test–retest reliability regarding the nostril side of phantosmia also showed poor agreement. The results suggest the importance of probing these areas further in the clinical interview.ConclusionThe findings imply that, with a few caveats, the MCSTQ-Sc is a useful tool for the clinical assessment of olfactory dysfunction and its consequences.

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