Instrumental dead space in neonatology, and its elimination by continuous tracheal gas insufflation during conventional ventilation
Cholesterol metabolism in 8 to 12‐year‐old children born preterm or at term
Impact of zinc supplementation on diarrhoeal morbidity in rural children of West Bengal, India
Short‐term ceftriaxone therapy for treatment of severe non‐typhoidal Salmonella enterocolitis
Immunogenicity and safety in infants of a DTwPHib full liquid vaccine
Effect of vitamin E treatment on the oxidative damage occurring in Henoch‐Schönlein purpura
Vincristine in childhood leukaemia : no pharmacokinetic rationale for dose reduction in adolescents
Upper endoscopic findings in children with active juvenile chronic arthritis
Acute intermittent porphyria in childhood : a population‐based study
Difference in plasma bilirubin concentration between monozygotic and dizygotic newborn twins
In the eye of the beholder : how accurate is clinical estimation of jaundice in newborns?
Dermal bilirubin kinetics during phototherapy in term neonates
Plasma nitrite/nitrate and endothelin‐1 concentrations in neonatal sepsis
Effects of short‐term dexamethasone treatment on collagen synthesis and degradation markers in preterm infants with developing lung disease
Behaviour at 2 years of age in very preterm infants (gestational age >32 weeks)
Secular trends in sports : participation and attitudes among adolescents in Sweden from 1974 to 1995
Hospital admissions for childhood asthma in Rogaland, Norway, from 1984 to 2000
Foetal development and breastfeeding in early texts of the Islamic tradition
New mutations in the lipoprotein lipase gene in a young boy with chylomicronaemia syndrome and in his family
Reversibility of cirrhotic regenerative liver nodules upon NTBC treatment in a child with tyrosinaemia type I
Idiopathic gastric rupture in a 3‐month‐old girl
Lemierre syndrome in a previously healthy young girl
Fecal flora measurements of breastfed infants using an integrated transport and culturing system
Severe liver haemorrhage in extremely low birthweight infants
Severe liver haemorrhage in extremely low birthweight infants Reply
Does nimesulide induce haemolysis in glucose‐6‐phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency?
Trisomy 5 in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Contralateral hernias or hydroceles in men with unilateral diseases
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