Paediatric Environmental Health PINCHE
Policy interpretation network on children's health and environment
Paediatric environmental health history taking: Why bother?
Today's epidemics in children: Possible relations to environmental pollution and suggested preventive measures
Children's environmental health: Why should social disparities be considered?
PINCHE's policy recommendations on noise: How to prevent noise from adversely affecting children
Children's health and mercury exposure
Lead neurotoxicity in children: Is prenatal exposure more important than postnatal exposure?
Cadmium and children: Exposure and health effects
The effects of PCBs and dioxins on child health
Children's exposure to polybrominated diphenyl ethers
Adverse health effects of children's exposure to pesticides: What do we really know and what can be done about it
Ionizing radiation and children's health: Conclusions
Environmental tobacco smoke exposure and children's health
Air pollution: A threat to the health of our children
Exposure to multiple environmental agents and their effect
Policy and science in children's health and environment: Recommendations from the PINCHE project