Highlights in this issue
The hard problem
Extremely low birthweight infants – the interplay between outcomes and ethics
Skin bilirubin nomogram for the first 96 h of life in a European normal healthy newborn population, obtained with multiwavelength transcutaneous bilirubinometry
Music to your ears
Fathers' involvement and children's developmental outcomes
Survival and neurodevelopmental morbidity at 1 year of age following extremely preterm delivery over a 20-year period
Persistent neonatal mortality despite improved under-five survival
Neurobehavioural assessment of skin-to-skin effects on reaction to pain in preterm infants
Noradrenaline for management of septic shock refractory to fluid loading and dopamine or dobutamine in full-term newborn infants
Follow-up after paediatric intensive care treatment
Varicella-related deaths in children and adolescents – Germany 2003–2004
Failure to eradicate streptococci and beta-lactamase producing bacteria
Adverse reactions to milk in infants
Inflammatory bowel disease and self-esteem in adolescence
Circulating leptin levels and bone mineral density in children with biliary atresia
Prevalence of nonspecific low back pain in schoolchildren aged between 13 and 15 years
Maturational tempo differences in relation to the timing of the onset of puberty in girls
Maternal psychosocial well-being in pregnancy and breastfeeding duration
Violence against women and the risk of under-five mortality
ADHD symptoms and maturity – a study in primary school children
ADHD from a socio-economic perspective
Neonatal sepsis presenting as a choledochal cyst
Case 1
Case 2
Central nervous system tumours of childhood, clinics in developmental medicine number 166
Neonatology at a glance