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Cracking the whip on childhood mortality – role of the specialized neonatal unit in Eritrea
Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and child care centres (CCC)
Sudden infant death syndrome
Complex regional pain syndrome 1
Post-traumatic stress disorder in Dohuk, Kurdistan
Evaluation of early stimulation programs for enhancing brain development
Autistic spectrum disorders and mitochondrial encephalopathies
Serotonin transporter gene variation in sudden infant death syndrome
Very early neonatal apparent life-threatening events and sudden unexpected deaths
Pain management in Swedish neonatal units – a national survey
Complex regional pain syndrome type I in children
Analgosedation with low-dose morphine for preterm infants with CPAP
Posttraumatic stress among children in Kurdistan
Immigrant girls perceive less stress
Environmental factors associated with stress in mothers of preterm newborns
CRIB, CRIB-II, birth weight or gestational age to assess mortality risk in very low birth weight infants?
Predictors of delayed first voiding in newborn
Endothelial function in children with a history of premature prolonged rupture of membranes and bronchopulmonary dysplasia – a pilot study
Early amplitude-integrated EEG correlates with cord TNF-α and brain injury in very preterm infants
Patterned orocutaneous therapy improves sucking and oral feeding in preterm infants
Guidelines for diagnosing and treating pulmonary infiltrates in children with acute leukaemia
Male reproductive health after childhood cancer
The value of clinical features in differentiating between viral, pneumococcal and atypical bacterial pneumonia in children
Oxidant/antioxidant status and vitamin A levels in children infected with varicella
Telomere length and obesity
Trends in childhood and adolescent obesity prevalence in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) 1992–2006
Knowledge of Flemish paediatricians about children's oral health – results of a survey
Influence of previous antimicrobial therapy on oral carriage of beta-lactamase producing Capnocytophaga isolates
Pacifier use
IgA endomysium antibodies – an early predictor for celiac disease in children without villous atrophy
Television viewing associates with delayed language development
Recurrent abdominal pain due to buckshots in the appendix
Necrotizing haemorrhagic pneumonia proves fatal in an immunocompetent child due to Panton–Valentine Leucocidin, toxic shock syndrome toxins 1 and 2 and enterotoxin C-producing Staphylococcus aureus
A new technique for transumbilical insertion of central venous silicone catheters in newborn infants
Case 1
Case 2
Neonatal resuscitation textbook, 5th revised edition. Neonatal resuscitation instructor manual, neonatal resuscitation written evaluation, NRP slide presentation kit on CD ROM, cases in neonatal resuscitation
Nutrition support for infants and children at risk
Allergic diseases
On intimacy, sexual activities and exposure to sexual abuse among children and adolescents with mobility impairment. Acta Paediatr 2008, Jemtået al.