Highlights in this issue
Early iron supplementation for very low birth weight preterm newborns: statistical vs. clinical significance!!
Early iron supplementation in preterm very low birth weight neonates: Author's reply
Vesicular eruption located on sunburned areas in an 8-year-old girl (Case Presentation)
Social impairment due to extreme photophobia (Case Presentation)
Lung liquid transport components in human perinatal respiratory distress
SIDS: past, present and future
Diagnosis of perinatal stroke II: mechanisms and clinical phenotypes
Overuse injuries in the young athlete
Expression of water and ion transporters in tracheal aspirates from neonates with respiratory distress
Developmental care in the UK: a developing initiative
Parents, siblings and grandparents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit A survey of policies in eight European countries
Promoting shorter duration of ventilator treatment decreases the number of painful procedures in preterm infants
Cholestasis in neonatal intensive care unit: incidence, aetiology and management
Intestinal flora in very low-birth weight infants
Cholinergic and oxidative stress mechanisms in sudden infant death syndrome
C-reactive protein as a marker of serious bacterial infections in hospitalized febrile infants
Antibiotic prophylaxis for children at risk of developing urinary tract infection: a systematic review
Bridging the gap between adult and paediatric outcomes in HIV-1 vertically infected children: a single-centre comparison with adult data
Antioxidant capacity of human milk and its association with vitamins A and E and fatty acid composition
Region of birth, income and breastfeeding in a Swedish county
Can early intake of dietary omega-3 predict childhood externalizing behaviour?
Sleep quality and respiratory function in children with severe cerebral palsy using night-time postural equipment: a pilot study
Age of sitting unsupported and independent walking in very low birth weight preterm infants with normal motor development at 2 years
Neurological symptoms in children with intussusception
Clinical characteristics of patients with non-specific and non-categorized mitochondrial diseases
Montelukast does not prevent reactive airway disease in young children hospitalized for RSV bronchiolitis
Autophagy 16-like 1 rs2241880 G allele is associated with Crohn's disease in German children
Neonatal morbidity in late preterm and term infants in the nursery of a tertiary hospital
Therapeutic hypothermia: surgical infant with neonatal encephalopathy
Congenital chylous ascites: the roles of fibrin glue and CD31
Rotavirus gastroenteritis complicated with toxic megacolon
Neonatal airway obstruction caused by rapidly growing nasopharyngeal teratoma
Vesicular eruption located on sunburned areas in an 8-year-old girl (Discussion and Diagnosis)
Social impairment due to extreme photophobia (Discussion and Diagnosis)
Triumphs in early autism treatment
Endocrine Involvement in Developmental Syndromes
Paediatric Parenteral Nutrition – A Practical Reference Guide
Obesity in 4 year old children more prevalent in girls and in municipalities with low socioeconomic level. Acta Paediatr 2007, Blomquist HK and Bergström E