Highlights in this issue
New guidelines for newborn resuscitation – a critical evaluation
On the use of antiangiogenetic medications for retinopathy of prematurity
Anxiety in chronic illness: general salutogenic and specific pathological factors
Anxiety in children and adolescents with chronic physical illnesses: a meta-analysis
Re-animating the ‘slow code’
Need for quality control for aEEG monitoring of the preterm infant: a 2-year experience
Therapeutic hypothermia during neonatal transport
Awake and asleep oxygen saturations in infants with chronic neonatal lung disease
Normal visual evoked potentials in preschool children born small for gestational age
Ten-year quality assurance of the nationwide hearing screening programme in Dutch neonatal intensive care units
Outcomes of congenital heart disease in late preterm infants: double jeopardy?
Sudden unexpected infant death in Auckland: a retrospective case review
Height gain during early childhood is an important predictor of schooling and mathematics ability outcomes
Anthropometric changes in Sweden during the obesity epidemic – increased overweight among adolescents of non-Nordic origin
Immediate newborn care practices delay thermoregulation and breastfeeding initiation
H1N1 infection in children with haematological and oncological diseases in Norway
Hypotonic versus isotonic maintenance fluids in critically ill children: a multicenter prospective randomized study
Adherence to diet and quality of life in patients with phenylketonuria
Nonbacterial osteitis in children: data of a German Incidence Surveillance Study
Comparing sleep measures of infants derived from parental reports in sleep diaries and acceleration sensors
Outcome in a paediatric cohort receiving ART in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Integrative Pediatrics
Get Me Out – History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank
Therapeutic hypothermia during neonatal transport
A case of Familial Mediterranean Fever at the Baltic Sea
Brainstem auditory response findings in late preterm infants in neonatal intensive care unit
Prevalence of congenital heart disease assessed by echocardiography in 2067 consecutive newborns
Urinary tract infections owing to ESBL-producing bacteria: microorganisms change – clinical pattern does not
Quality of life in infants with atopic dermatitis and healthy infants: a follow-up from birth to 24 months
Low-dose thiazide diuretics in children with idiopathic renal hypercalciuria
Blood tests and histological correlates in children with eosinophilic oesophagitis
The prevalence of hypertension in children with spina bifida
Chronic suppurative otitis media in children of Luanda, Angola
Persistent scrotal pain and suspected orchido-epididymitis of a young boy during pinworm ( Enterobius vermicularis ) infection in the bowel
A case of neonatal intrapericardial teratoma. Clinical and pathological findings
Immunodeficiency in a child with partial trisomy 6p
Anaphylactic reactions to measles–mumps–rubella vaccine in three children with allergies to hen's egg and cow's milk