Highlights in this issue
Maintenance intravenous fluids with 0.9% sodium chloride do not produce hypernatraemia in children
A systematic review of interventions for reducing pain and distress in children undergoing voiding cystourethrography
Variations in incubator temperature and humidity management: a survey of current practice
Isotonic versus hypotonic fluid supplementation in term neonates with severe hyperbilirubinemia – a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial
Precursors of adrenomedullin, endothelin and atrial natriuretic peptide as diagnostic markers of neonatal infection
The definition of a haemodynamic significant duct in randomized controlled trials: a systematic literature review
Patients with univentricular heart in early childhood: parenting stress and child behaviour
Reliability, sensitivity and responsiveness of the Infant Behavioral Assessment in very preterm infants
Prediction of outcome at 5 years from assessments at 2 years among extremely preterm children: A Norwegian national cohort study
Bacteremia in feverish children presenting to the emergency department: a retrospective study and literature review
Urinary tract infections in children and the risk of ESRF
Recurrent pain, stress, tender points and fibromyalgia in childhood: an exploratory descriptive clinical study
Growth charts for monitoring postnatal growth at NICU of extreme preterm-born infants
Trajectories of weight disturbances during adolescence in relation to gender in a Swedish cohort
Management of neutropenic enterocolitis in children with cancer
Risk factors for early death in children with haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
Serum S100B and neuron-specific enolase levels in normothermic and hypothermic infants after perinatal asphyxia
Multiple psychosomatic symptoms can indicate child physical abuse – results from a study of Swedish schoolchildren
An observational study to quantify manual adjustments of the inspired oxygen fraction in extremely low birth weight infants
Is a routine voiding cystourethrogram necessary in children after the first febrile urinary tract infection?
Sleep architecture in healthy 5-year-old preschool children: associations between sleep schedule and quality variables
Impact of overweight and obesity in carotid intima-media thickness of portuguese adolescents
Comparison of oral alendronate versus prednisolone in treatment of infants with vitamin D intoxication
Acute kidney injury in a paediatric intensive care unit: comparison of the pRIFLE and AKIN criteria
Local steroid therapy as the first-line treatment for boys with symptomatic phimosis – a long-term prospective study
Using smart phone technology to teach neonatal endotracheal intubation (NeoTube): application development and uptake
Epidemiology of invasive Candida infection in a neonatal intensive care unit in France
Hand preference in children with an idiopathic toe walking gait
Barotrauma-associated posterior tension pneumomediastinum, a rare cause of cardiac tamponade in a ventilated neonate: a case report and review of the literature