Highlights in this issue
Improving clinical research on continuous positive airway pressure
Interpreting regional differences in neonatal outcomes for extremely preterm babies
Review of insulin treatment in stress-related hyperglycaemia in children without preexisting diabetes
Estimating reliable paediatric reference intervals in clinical chemistry and haematology
The importance of early screening and treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in order to avoid morbid obesity in children
Bringing transparency into quality comparison research
Lipid profile and atherogenic indices soon after birth in Japanese preterm infants
EXPRESS study shows significant regional differences in 1-year outcome of extremely preterm infants in Sweden
Growth charts and long-term sequelae in extreme preterm infants – from full-term age to 10 years
White matter microstructure is influenced by extremely preterm birth and neonatal respiratory factors
Using a safe taxi service to transport newborn babies home from hospital
The importance of language in the home for school-age children with permanent hearing loss
Early lexical development and risk of verbal and nonverbal cognitive delay at school age
Infants with severe respiratory syncytial virus needed less ventilator time with nasal continuous airways pressure then invasive mechanical ventilation
Blood eosinophil counts during bronchiolitis are related to bronchial hyper-responsiveness and lung function in early adolescence
Seventeen-year study shows rise in parapneumonic effusion and empyema with higher treatment failure after chest tube drainage
Children with multiple viral respiratory infections are older than those with single viruses
Exclusive breastfeeding for 4 versus 6 months and growth in early childhood
SickKids Handbook of Paediatric Thrombosis and Haemostasis
Premature infants with birth weights of 1500–1999 g exhibit considerable delays in several developmental areas
Neurological symptoms in hospitalised patients: do we assess hyponatraemia with sufficient care?
Motivational interviewing improves exclusive breastfeeding in an Australian randomised controlled trial
Providing lipid-based nutrient supplements does not affect developmental milestones among Malawian children
Lack of sleep could increase obesity in children and too much television could be partly to blame
Adolescents and young adults with physical illness: a comparative study of psychological distress
Bone mineral density in Turner's syndrome and the influence of pubertal development
Characteristics of girls with pituitary hyperplasia and sexual precocity secondary to primary hypothyroidism