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Pertussis is still common in a highly vaccinated infant population
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Subnormal levels of vitamin D are associated with acute wheeze in young children
Ten-year review reveals changing trends and severity of allergic reactions to nuts and other foods
Central nervous system processing of emotions in children with nocturnal enuresis and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
The Nordic Five to Fifteen questionnaire could provide the basis for a common neurological disability variable
Intrauterine growth restriction – a population-based study of the association with academic performance and psychiatric health
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Gunnar Sedin
When does postnatal catch-up fat occur in late preterm infants?
Chest physiotherapy for acute wheezing: an inappropriate protocol in a misdiagnosed group of patients
Chest physiotherapy for acute wheezing episodes: an inappropriate interpretation of the first trial in outpatient infants
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Noninvasive evaluation of swallowing sound is an effective way of diagnosing feeding maturation in newborn infants
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Increased circulating inflammatory markers may indicate that formula-fed children are at risk of atherosclerosis
Children with Down's syndrome display high rates of hyperuricaemia
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