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One size may not fit all when it comes to growth references for preterm infants
Islamic American doctors and premature babies
Oestradiol, amenorrhoea and lipids in adolescent girls with eating disorders: do they affect long-term cardiovascular risk?
Interdisciplinary, child-centred collaboration could increase the success of potentially successful Internet-based physical activity interventions
Functional gastro-intestinal disorder algorithms focus on early recognition, parental reassurance and nutritional strategies
Cow's milk protein allergy and common gastrointestinal symptoms in infants
Short courses of dual-strain probiotics appear to be effective in reducing necrotising enterocolitis
Attitudes towards the resuscitation of periviable infants: a national survey of American Muslim physicians
Comparing growth charts demonstrated significant deviations between the interpretation of postnatal growth patterns in very preterm infants
Antecedents of inflammation biomarkers in preterm newborns on days 21 and 28
End user bag-mask ability and perceptions of two infant resuscitation mannequins
A pilot study: the role of the autonomic nervous system in cardiorespiratory regulation in infant feeding
Nasal irrigation with saline solution significantly improves oxygen saturation in infants with bronchiolitis
Associations of outdoor play and screen time with nocturnal sleep duration and pattern among young children
Failure to meet language milestones at two years of age is predictive of specific language impairment
Health-related quality of life is unimpaired in children and adolescents with Marfan syndrome despite its distinctive phenotype
Plasma cholesterol is related to menstrual status in adolescent girls with eating disorders and weight loss
Need of quality control programme when using near-infrared human milk analyzers
The Tobacco Epidemic, 2nd, revised and extended edition (Progress in Respiratory Research series, Vol. 42). Edited by Loddenkemper R (Berlin), Kreuter M (Heidelberg). S Karger AS, Basel, CH, 2015. X+ 276 pp, Hard cover, 85 figs. 31 in color, 29 tables. Price: $ 226. ISBN: 978-3-318-02656-6.
Quick Reference Guide for Paediatric Emergencies – seizing the golden hours, by de Claudine Munter (ed.), 150 pp., Product dimensions 184 × 120 × 19 mm. Imperial College Press, London, UK. April 2014 Price £26. ISBN: 978-1-78326-450-6
Reply to Commentary by Strandvik: ‘The development of infants born to obese mothers might be related to omega-3 fatty acid status’
Oxygen saturation profile of term equivalent extreme preterm infants at discharge – comparison with healthy term counterparts
Skin conductance at baseline and postheel lance reflects sympathetic activation in neonatal opiate withdrawal
County-level pesticide use and risk of shortened gestation and preterm birth
Colombian reference growth curves for height, weight, body mass index and head circumference
Determining peripheral skin temperature: subjective versus objective measurements
Protein tyrosine phosphatases receptor type D is a potential tumour suppressor gene inactivated by deoxyribonucleic acid methylation in paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia