Highlights in this issue
Bed-sharing and breastfeeding, the importance of giving the correct advice
Providing important evidence for the major causal contributors to cerebral palsy in Africa
Children with brain tumours need long-term multidisciplinary psychosocial, neurocognitive, academic and rehabilitation follow-up programmes
Insulin-like growth factor 1 has multisystem effects on foetal and preterm infant development
Nutrition and neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm infants: a systematic review
Approach to haemangiomatosis causing congestive heart failure
Understanding type I and type II errors, statistical power and sample size
Marginally low birthweight increases the risk of underweight and short stature at three and a half years of age
The validity and reliability of the EValuation of INtervention Scale: preliminary report
Volvulus in term and preterm infants - clinical presentation and outcome
Bed-sharing by breastfeeding mothers: who bed-shares and what is the relationship with breastfeeding duration?
Human Milk Analyser shows that the lactation period affects protein levels in preterm breastmilk
Breast milk nutrient content and infancy growth
Using text messaging to obtain weekly data on infant feeding in a Danish birth cohort resulted in high participation rates
Grey matter brain injuries are common in Ugandan children with cerebral palsy suggesting a perinatal aetiology in full-term infants
Pain in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy: a population-based registry study
Interferon-gamma release assays can effectively screen migrants for the tuberculosis infection, but urgent, active cases need clinical recognition
Multiprofessional follow-up programmes are needed to address psychosocial, neurocognitive and educational issues in children with brain tumours
Antinociceptive fatty acid patterns differ in children with psychosomatic recurrent abdominal pain and healthy controls
Free fatty acid suppositories are as effective as docusate sodium and sorbitol enemas in treating constipation in children
Problematic Internet use was more common in Turkish adolescents with major depressive disorders than controls
Audits show that specialist paediatric training programmes are sensitive to medical, staffing and economic changes
Higher burnout scores in paediatric residents are associated with increased brain activity during attentional functional magnetic resonance imaging task
Can the existing knowledge in depression treatment aid the recovery from the burnout syndrome?
Why it is important to present all the facts about the legitimate functions and affirmed benefits of breastsleeping
Bed sharing: the debate continues
Neonatal emergency transport has played a key role in the regionalisation of perinatal care in the Liguria Region of Italy
Preemie Voices
Infant and maternal risk factors related to necrotising enterocolitis-associated infant death in the United States
The accuracy of delivery of target pressures using self-inflating bag manometers in a benchtop study
Structured promotion of breastmilk expression is associated with shortened hospitalisation for very preterm infants
Propranolol was effective in treating cutaneous infantile haemangiomas in Thai children
Intravenous isotonic fluids induced a positive trend in natraemia in children admitted to a general paediatric ward
Conventional treatment of functional constipation has a positive impact on the behavioural difficulties in children with and without faecal incontinence
Babies born with gastroschisis and followed up to the age of six years faced long-term morbidity and impairments
Assessing fundamental motor skills in Belgian children aged 3–8 years highlights differences to US reference sample