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More voice, less noise in NICUs
We need to change how we deal with continuous pain in neonates
Cardiorespiratory physiology in early infancy
The role of networks in improving perinatal and neonatal care
Systematic review of maternal voice interventions demonstrates increased stability in preterm infants
Systematic review indicates postnatal growth in term infants born small‐for‐gestational‐age being associated with later neurocognitive and metabolic outcomes
Use of time and adolescent health‐related quality of life/well‐being : a scoping review
Are extremely preterm born children with autism the victims of too much isolation in the incubator?
Assessment of continuous pain in newborns admitted to NICUs in 18 European countries
Cardiorespiratory physiology in the safe passage study : protocol, methods and normative values in unexposed infants
Simulation‐based team training improved the self‐assessed ability of physicians, nurses and midwives to perform neonatal resuscitation
Improved postnatal care is needed to maintain gains in neonatal survival after the implementation of the Helping Babies Breathe initiative
Interventions to reduce neonatal mortality : a mathematical model to evaluate impact of interventions in sub‐Saharan Africa
Feasibility and utility of portable ultrasound during retrieval of sick preterm infants
Swedish child health nurses treat fathers more equally in 2014 than 2004, but mothers remain their primary focus
Receiving early information and trusting Swedish child health centre nurses increased parents’ willingness to vaccinate against rotavirus infections
Observer variability identifying attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in 10‐year‐old children born extremely preterm
Body mass index and vigorous physical activity in children and adolescents : an international cross‐sectional study
Television or unrestricted, unmonitored internet access in the bedroom and body mass index in youth athletes
Cohort study shows that peripheral dual‐energy X‐ray absorptiometry is of limited epidemiologic use in prepubertal children
Secular trends in Australian school children's sleep and perceived importance of sleep between 1985 and 2013
Vascular endothelial growth factor‐A gene polymorphism is associated with congenital renal lesions in children with urinary tract infections
European Academy of Paediatric consensus statement on successful transition from paediatric to adult care for adolescents with chronic conditions
The impact of Italian regionalisation on transporting neonatal patients back from the neonatal intensive care unit to the referring level two unit
Heart rate variability can't be used to evaluate acute distress in preterm infants
Cluster randomised controlled trial showed that maternal and child health handbook was effective for child cognitive development in Mongolia
Letter to the editor regarding the article ‘Introducing high‐flow nasal cannula to the neonatal transport environment’
Introducing high‐flow nasal cannula to the neonatal transport environment
Preventing extubation failure in preterm infants : nasal CPAP remains the standard of care
Does single mega‐dose vitamin A in early neonatal period reduce mortality during infancy in low‐ and middle‐income countries?
Hypertension at late preterm gestation : deliver immediately or watch and wait?