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Identifying the true scale of perinatal deaths
Health consequences of premature birth revisited – what have we learned?
Executive function deficits in preterm subjects are a combination of social risk factors and brain maldevelopment
Preterm standards for fetal growth and birthweight
Can vitamin D supplementation prevent chronic otitis media with effusion?
Digital diagnosis of protruding ears
Congenital CMV international guidelines are needed to guide diagnosis, prevention and management
Catastrophic haemorrhage from button battery ingestion in children : a growing problem
A review of important electroencephalogram features for the assessment of brain maturation in premature infants
Adults born preterm : a review of general health and system‐specific outcomes
Defining pain in newborns : need for a uniform taxonomy?
Is accepting circular reasoning in shaken baby studies bad science or misconduct?
Variation in term birthweight across European countries affects the prevalence of small for gestational age among very preterm infants
Changes in perinatal hospital deaths occurring outside the neonatal intensive care unit over a decade
Starting enteral nutrition with preterm single donor milk instead of formula affects time to full enteral feeding in very low birthweight infants
Risk factors for executive function difficulties in preschool and early school‐age preterm children
The gene encoding the inwardly rectifying potassium channel Kir4.1 may be involved in sudden infant death syndrome
Using a spontaneous profile rather than stimulation test makes the KIGS idiopathic growth hormone deficiency model more accessible for clinicians
Higher serum 25(OH)D concentration is associated with lower risk of chronic otitis media with effusion : a case–control study
International opinions and national surveillance suggest insufficient consensus regarding the recognition and management practices of infants with congenital cytomegalovirus infections
Infected malnourished children displayed changes in early activation and lymphocyte subpopulations
Real‐life comparison of three general paediatric wards showed similar outcomes for children with bronchiolitis despite different treatment regimens
Marked variability observed in inpatient management of bronchiolitis in three Finnish hospitals
National cohort study showed that infants with Down's syndrome faced a high risk of hospitalisation for the respiratory syncytial virus
A novel approach for classifying protruding ears is easy to calculate and implement in daily clinical practice
Nicotine withdrawal syndrome in a newborn baby after maternal use of oral applied moist tobacco (snus), should result in greater awareness to the use of snus among pregnant women
An index to predict asthma in wheezing young children produced promising initial results
Family‐centred care right from birth : the irreplaceable birthday cuddle
Athens‐based meeting to discuss the paediatric virology crossroad in October 2017
Is high‐flow nasal cannula noninferior to nasal CPAP for the initial management of preterm infants?
Randomized trial of exclusive human milk versus preterm formula diets in extremely premature infants
Oral paracetamol or oral ibuprofen to close the ductus arteriosus : both ‘work’, but do we know when to use them?