Changes in the activity of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylating enzymes in germinating yellow lupin seeds
Metabolism of amino acids in germinating yellow lupin seeds. II. Pathway of conversion of aspartate to alanine during the imbibition
Effect of protoplast source and media on growth and regenerability of protoplast-derived calluses of Solanum tuberosum L
Changes in thiocyanate content in some radish Raphanus sativus L. cultivars during hypocotyl-root growth
Thiocyanate content in relation to the quality features of radish Raphanus sativus L
Calcium channels and membrane disorders induced by drought stress in Vicia faba plants supplemented with calcium
Effect of light and nitrates on nitrate reductase activity and stability in seedling leaves of selected barley genotypes
Attempt at regeneration of Pharbitis nil from fragments of vegetative organs
A comparative study of different cytokinins on the formation of Rhododendron forrestii Balf. f. ex diels. axillary shoots in vitro
Photosynthesis, respiration, and chlorophylls in presenescent, regreened, and senescent leaves of forest herb Smyrnium perfoliatum L. ( Apiaceae )
Role of peroxidases and glycosidases in regulation of sink size in developing seeds of Hibiscus esculentum
Tentative determination of the molecular weight of substances stimulating the flowering of winter wheat
Cadmium elevates level of protein, amino acids and alters activity of proteolytic enzymes in germinating rice seeds
Rice callus growth, proline content and activity of proline and IAA oxidase under the influence of hydroxyproline and NaCl
Role of chromium on plant growth and metabolism
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