Cultivar variation in heat stability and kinetic properties of soluble invertase in wheat grains
Relationship between soluble carbohydrate level and tolerance of meadow fescue callus to Bipolaris sorokiniana (Sacc.) Shoem. and Drechslera dictyoides (Drechsl.) Shoem. metabolites
Effect of plant growth regulators and different nitrogen sources on NADP-isocitrate dehydrogenase activity of radish cotyledons
Light and nitrate induction of nitrate reductase in kinetin-and gibberellic acid-treated mustard cotyledons
Effect of nitrates and sucrose on the induction of nitrate reductase in etiolated seedling leaves from selected barley genotypes in darkness
Appearance of different phosphatase forms and phosphorus partitioning in nodules of chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L.) during development
Implication of ABA and proline on cell membrane injury of water deficit stressed barley seedlings
Effect of culture medium and light conditions on the morphological characteristics and carbohydrate contents of Medicago strasseri calli
Changes in proline level in response to osmotic stress and exogenous amino acids in Raphanus sativus L. seedlings
The effect of decapitation on the levels of IAA and ABA in the lateral buds of Betula pendula roth
Phenolics and the activities of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase, phenol-β-glucosyltransferase and β-glucosidase in cucumber roots as affected by phenolic allelochemicals
The role of Ca ions in changes induced by excess Cu2+ in bean plants. Growth parameters
Effect of 1.10-phenanthroline, a photodynamic herbicide on the development and structure of maize chloroplasts
Influence of selected carbohydrates on rhizogenesis of shoots saucer magnolia in vitro
Glycosidases and acid-invertase activities are not correlated with Phaseolus hypocotyl growth
Targeting of proteins into and within the chloroplast
Glutamate dehydrogenase in higher plants
Application of luminescence for quality evaluation of in vitro regenerated strawberry plants
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