Effect of cadmium on glutathione reductase in potato tubers
Some biochemical changes during leaf rolling in Ctenanthe setosa (Marantaceae)
Phosphatase activity and phosphorus partitioning in nodules of developing mungbean
The effect of light on the level of acetylcholine in seedlings of the wild-type and phytochrome mutants of tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Changes in fatty acids of leaf polar lipids during chilling and post-chilling rewarming of Zea mays genotypes differing in response to chilling
Elicitation of thiophene production by cultured hairy roots of Tagetes patula
The effect of lead on cyclin expression in lupine roots
Cadmium-affected level of inorganic phosphate in rye leaves influences Rubisco subunits
The effect of phosphate deficiency on membrane phospholipid composition of bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.) roots
Glutamate dehydrogenase and glutamine synthetase activities during the development of triticale grains
Influence of plant growth regulators on growth, morpho-physiological characters and yield of summer sesame ( Sesamum indicum L. cv. Rama) under moisture stress
Effects of an enhanced ultraviolet-B irradiation on photosynthetic apparatus of several forest coniferous tree species from different locations
Effect of the carmine spider mite ( Acarida: Tetranychidae ) infestation and mechanical injury on the level of ABA in tomato plants
The impact of limited soil moisture and waterlogging stress conditions on morphological and anatomical root traits in maize ( Zea mays L.) hybrids of different drought tolerance
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