Plant regeneration from the protoplasts of Solanum tuberosum , S. nigrum and S. bulbocastanum
Changes in free polyamine level and di- and polyamine oxidase activity in cucumber roots under allelochemical stress conditions
Methyl jasmonate induces the formation of secondary abscission zone in stem of Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb
The intensity of respiration and heat emission from seedlings of Festuca pratensis (Hud.) and Hordeum vulgare L. during pathogenesis caused by Bipolaris sorokiniana (Sacc.) Shoem
Active chitinases in the apoplastic fluids of healthy white lupin ( Lupinus albus L.) plants
Growth characteristic and ion contents of rice callus under the influence of NaCl and hydroxyproline
Application of a rapid glucose-6-phosphate isomerase assay in white cabbage breeding
Abscisic acid-responsive proteins induce salinity tolerance in wheat seedlings
Effects of quercetin and verapamil on membrane potential in the liverwort Conocephalum conicum
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Agrobacterium -mediated transformation of cereals — from technique development to its application
Eucarpia tomato '2000