The in vivo and in vitro influence of methyl jasmonate on oxidative processes in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves
Influence of aqueous leaf extract of common lambsquarters and NaCl salinity on the germination, growth, and nutrient content of wheat
Growth and photosynthetic activity of micropropagated strawberry plants inoculated with endomycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and growing under drought stress
Relationship between selected morphological, anatomical and cytological characteristics of leaves and the level of tolerance to herbicides in strawberry cultivars
Effect of Asahi SL on China aster ‘Aleksandra’ seed yield, germination and some metabolic events
Comparative physiological effects of three allelochemicals and two herbicides on Dactylis glomerata
Influence of gibberellic acid on auxin biosynthesis and their effects on coleoptile elongation in garlic
Why there are photodamages to photosystem II at low light intensities
Water relations, gas exchange characteristics, and the level of some metabolites in two cultivars of spring wheat under different N regimes
In vitro micropropagation of four lupin species
Sugars as a metabolic regulator of storage protein mobilization in germinating seeds of yellow lupine ( Lupinus luteus L.)
Effect of salinity stress on growth, peroxidase and IAA oxidase activities in vigna seedlings
Relationship between sucrose accumulation and activities of sucrose-phosphatase, sucrose synthase, neutral invertase and soluble acid invertase in micropropagated sugarcane plants
The effects of ABA and GA3 treatments on resistance to frost and high-light treatment in oilseed rape leaf discs
1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase — genes and expression
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