Ascorbate and ascorbate-dependent enzymes in detached tomato leaves under conditions modulating the ascorbate pool
Studies on cell wall loosening enzymes in hormone treated internodes of Merremia emarginata
Turnover of cell wall components during internode growth in Merremia emarginata
The influence of heavy metal stress on the level of some flavonols in the primary leaves of Phaseolus coccineus
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8-Hydroxyflavonoid glucuronides of Malope trifida
Direct somatic embryogenesis from Coffea arabica L. and Coffea canephora P ex Fr. under the influence of ethylene action inhibitor-silver nitrate
Tissue specific expression of β-glucuronidase gene driven by heterologous promoters in transgenic cauliflower plants
Effect of short-term exposure to NaCl on photochemical activity and antioxidant enzymes in Bruguiera parviflora , a non-secretor mangrove
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