Effect of sensitivity to abscisic acid on scaling relationships for biomass production rates and body size inArabidopsis thaliana

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The allometric relationships for plant daily biomass production rates, different measures of body size (dry weight and length) and photosynthetic biomass per plant are reported for two mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana (abi1-1, insensitive to ABA; era1-2, hypersensitive to ABA). Scaling relationships, such as daily rate of growth (G) vs body mass (M), plant body length or plant height (L) vs body mass (M), photosynthetic biomass (Mp) vs non-photosynthetic biomass (Mn), and daily rate of growth (G) vs. photosynthetic biomass (Mp) were significantly different in abi1-1 and era1-2. It is implied that the sensitivity to abscisic acid may change the scaling relationships for plant biomass production rate and body size in Arabidopsis thaliana. Because these scaling relationships are closely related to sensitivity to abscisic acid, they are of importance for phytohormonal ecology.

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