Rapidin vitropropagation ofEclipta alba(L.) Hassk. through high frequency axillary shoot proliferation

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An efficient protocol has been developed for rapid in vitro propagation of Eclipta alba L. (Asteraceae) through axillary bud multiplication. Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented with BA (10 M) was found to be most effective in breaking bud dormancy. An average number of 23 ± 0.57 shoots per explant was recorded after 30 days. Culture of node segments on fresh medium with lower concentration of BA (2 M) enhanced the multiplication rate. A maximum of 79 ± 1.90 mean number of shoots were obtained after three subcultures without any decline in multiplication rate. The regenerated microshoots showed the most efficient rooting on half strength MS medium augmented with 0.5 M IBA. Plantlets went through a hardening phase prior to ex vitro transfer and established in earthen pots containing garden soil; survival of about 90%. The established plants were uniform and exhibited morphological characters identical to mother plants.

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