Effect of increased interstitial fluid flux on fractional catabolic rate of high molecular weight [3H]hyaluronan injected in rabbit skin
Extract of the marine alga Prymnesium patelliferum induces release of acetylcholine from cholinergic nerves in the rat bronchial smooth muscle
Apical secretion of rat submandibular tissue kallikrein continues in the absence of external stimulation: evidence for a constitutive secretory pathway
Effects of hCGRP 8-37 and the NK1-receptor antagonist SR 140.333 on capsaicin-evoked vasodilation in the pig nasal mucosa in vivo
Specificity of training velocity and training load on gains in isokinetic knee joint strength
Proximal tubular lithium/plasma concentration ratio depends on tubular fluid flow rate
Effects of acute and chronic unilateral renal denervation on the tubuloglomerular feedback mechanism
Sulfonylureas enhance GABAA synaptic potentials in rat midbrain dopamine neurones
Secondary bioenergetic failure after transient focal ischaemia is due to mitochondrial injury
Inotropic effect of adrenomedullin in the isolated perfused rat heart