Editorial introduction
32 selected publications by James P. Henry
Psychological and physiological responses to stress: The right hemisphere and the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis, an inquiry into problems of human bonding
James Paget Henry - a Retrospective
Shifting the circulatory control paradigm
Physiological aspects of the "defence" and "defeat" reactions
Oxytocin linked antistress effects - the relaxation and growth response
Stress and immunity: what have we learned from psychoneuroimmunology?
Physical exercise, endogenous opioids and immune function
The role of the central amygdala in stress and adaption
The right hemisphere and the human stress response
Cerebral laterality, repressive coping, autonomic arousal, and human bonding
Genetic influences on the responses to psychosocial challenges in rats
Social stress in rats and mice
Effects of cage enrichment on territorial aggression and stress physiology in male laboratory mice
Social relations and their health impact in tree shrews
The social environment, behaviour and stress - a case study in guinea pigs
Individual responses to acute and chronic stress in pigs
Physiological and neuroendocrine correlates of social position in normotensive and hypertensive rat colonies
Using ethological principles to study psychosocial influences on coronary atherosclerosis in monkeys
The role of psychosocial factors in human disease: Lessons from animal models
A biopsychosocial approach to etiology and pathogenesis
Fighting for and losing or gaining control in life
Linking sociological with physiological data: the model of effort-reward imbalance at work
The sympathetic nervous system in human hypertension
Continuing on J.P. Henry's path; Studies of physiology and pathophysiology of cardiopulmonary receptors in humans
The effects of occupational stress on blood pressure in men and women
Stress Hypertension: The "wrong" genes in the "wrong" environment
Do environmental effects on human emotions cause cardiovascular disorders?
Blood pressure trend and psychosocial factors: the case of the nuns in a secluded order
Visceral responses to the social environment
Stress and cardiovascular disease
Heart disease mortality and economic changes; including unemployment; in Western Germany 1951-1989
Exhausted subjects, exhausted systems
Stress management & hypertension
Changes in cardiovascular risk factors and hormones during a comprehensive residential three month kriya yoga training and vegetarian nutrition
The consequences of having experienced overwhelming stress
Traumatic stress and attachment
JAMES P. HENRY. Revisited in reference to his Instincts, Archetypes, and Symbols: An approach to the physiology of religious experience
James Paget Henry: A man for all seasons
Jim Henry's world revisited - environmental "stress" at the psychophysiological and the molecular levels