Influence of arterial baroreceptors and intracerebroventricular guanabenz on synchronized renal nerve activity
Preconditioning does not attenuate cardiac dysfunction after global ischaemia in the guinea-pig
Endothelin-induced contractions in placental arteries is mediated by both ETA- and ETB-receptors
Decreased pulmonary vascular resistance during nasal breathing: modulation by endogenous nitric oxide from the paranasal sinuses
Influence of the sympathetic nervous system on renal function during hypothermia
Effect of chronic electrical stimulation and β-GPA diet on GLUT4 protein concentration in rat skeletal muscle
Power output and muscle metabolism during and following recovery from 10 and 20 s of maximal sprint exercise in humans
Changes in CNTF receptor α expression in rat skeletal muscle during the recovery period after hindlimb suspension
Creatine supplementation enhances maximum voluntary isometric force and endurance capacity in resistance trained men
Human sudomotor responses to heating and cooling upper-body skin surfaces: cutaneous thermal sensitivity
Human body-fluid distribution during exercise in hot, temperate and cool environments
Symposium on skeletal muscle: development and adaptation - an introduction
The formation and maturation of skeletal muscle in the mouse: the myosin MLC1F/3F gene as a molecular model
The role of hedgehog proteins in vertebrate slow and fast skeletal muscle patterning
Neural regulation of myosin gene expression in regenerating skeletal muscle
Activity-dependent regulation of muscle genes: repressive and stimulatory effects of innervation
The age-related motor disability: underlying mechanisms in skeletal muscle at the motor unit, cellular and molecular level
Differentiation-dependent upregulation of the very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) receptor in skeletal muscle cells in culture
Single transgenic muscle fibers in intact mice
Rapid switch off of the human 2X gene after near-maximal contractions
Age-related changes in fibre composition of the human masseter muscle of elderly
Myogenesis in the human orofacial muscles
Baroreflex control of arterial pressure during pressor response induced by handgrip contraction
Characteristics of the arterial baroreflex during isometric arm contraction
Increased sensitivity and resetting of baroreflex control of exercise heart rate after prolonged bed-rest
Haemodynamic responses to sudden changes of venous return during exercise
Acute and chronic effects of 17β-oestradiol on mechanical properties in rat tail artery
Slow force recovery after fatigue - morphological evidence of damaged e-c coupling?
Effect of carbon dioxide-induced acidification on the endurance of isolated single mouse muscle fibres at 28 °C
Mechanisms behind the reduction of maximum shortening velocity during fatigue of single, intact mouse muscle fibres
Simulation of K+ shifts in heart and skeletal muscle during activity
Does blood lactate measure the anaerobic energy release during intense exercise?
Glomerular filtration of lysozyme in the rat kidney - effect of varying net molecular charge and plasma protein concentration
Temperature sensitivity of the regulatory volume decrease (RVD) response and of the volume-sensitive K+-current in Ehrlich Ascites tumor cells
Contractile properties of smooth muscle from the rat tail artery in tissue culture
Endogenous polyamines influence calcium channel activity in intestinal smooth muscle
Different regimes of light-adaptation in retinal cone photoreceptors
Isocaloric overfeeding with carbohydrate or fat in male volunteers. Effects on weight, fat mass, resting energy expenditure and hepatic de novo lipogenesis
Assessment of physiological strain in kitchen work
Skeletal muscle membrane proteins in heart failure
Change in myocyte contractile function following protein kinase C activation or lactate exposure is dependent on Na+/H+ exchange
Reduced Na, K-pump capacity in cardiomyocytes from rats with congestive heart failure due to myocardial infarction
Subcellular defects in cardiomyocytes from ischemic heart failure rats
Single unit recording in rat CA1 demonstrates LTP of pyramidal but not of interneuronal synapses
The effect of papaverine on synaptosomal membrane potential
Commissural interneuron projections enable bilateral integration over many segments in the neonatal rat spinal cord
Existence of contractile proteins in the rod outer segments of the retina and the role of taurine in their function
Action potentials and sodium currents in the slowly and rapidly adapting stretch receptor neuron of the crayfish
A low conductance K+ channel with voltage dependent permeability in human colonocytes
The mechanotransduction of crayfish stretch receptor neuron can be either activated or inactivated by different local anaesthetics
Acute hypertonicity reduces the initial taurine influx in Ehrlich ascites tumour cells
Characterization of the leukotriene D4 receptor in the Ehrlich ascites tumour cells
ADP-ribosyl cyclase activity in human erythrocyte ghosts
Protein kinases, phosphatases and the regulation of the Na+/H+ exchanger in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells
Modulation of calcium stores in vascular smooth muscle by calcium and growth stimulation
Characterization of the nitric oxide/cyclic GMP system in the mouse gastric fundus
Tachykinin NK2 receptors in pig intravesical ureter
Role of neuropeptide Y in the regulation of the vasomotor tone of horse penile resistance arteries
Involvement of NO in nonadrenergic noncholinergic neurotransmission of horse corpus cavernosum: role of soluble guanylate cyclase and K+-channels
Nitric oxide (NO) synthase containing nerves and NO-induced relaxation in the rat isolated corpus cavernosum
Endothelin-induced contractions in placental arteries are mediated by both ETA- and ETB-receptors
Femoral artery vessel size, thigh volume, and peak muscle perfusion
Cytokines regulate vascular tone in isolated human arteries
Glomerular filtration and tubular uptake of Cystatin C (Cy) in the rat kidney
Effect of radiographic contrast agents on cell volume control in proximal renal tubules of trout (Salmo trutta)
A branch of the soleus nerve containing gamma but not alpha motoneurons
Differential regulation of the PKA signalling system in slow versus fast rat skeletal muscle
Adaptation of female trapezius muscle to strength and endurance training programs
Fibre types and myosin composition of the human masseter muscle at early age
The zinc finger domain of rapsyn is required for clustering of acetylcholine receptor
Simultaneous measurements of changes in contractility and release of nitric oxide in rat superior mesenteric artery
Anterograde and retrograde staining of subsets of spinal motoneurons with fluorescently labeled dextran
Injection and expression of foreign DNA in single skeletal muscle fibers in vivo
Baroreflex control of arterial pressure during pressor response induced by handgrip contraction
Low extracellular Ca2+ reveals a direct effect of interferon-γ on cytosolic Ca2+ in human neutrophils