Physiological aspects of exocytosis in chromaffin cells of the adrenal medulla
Behavioural responses of γ-MSH peptides administered into the rat ventral tegmental area
Relationship between skin blood flow and sweating rate in prepubertal boys and young men
Role of the sarcoplasmic reticulum in the modulation of rat cardiac action potential by stretch
Calcium-dependent modulation of the plateau phase of action potential in isolated ventricular cells of rabbit heart
Ca2+-, Sr2+-force relationships and kinetic properties of fast-twitch rat leg muscle fibre subtypes
Nitric oxide from theory to clinic: Acta Physiologica Scandinavica Symposium, Stockholm, May 1996
Regulation of macrophage nitric oxide synthesis by endothelial cells: a role for NG,NG-dimethylarginine
The role of the L-arginine/nitric oxide pathway in myocardial ischaemic and reperfusion injury
Visualization of nitric oxide formation in cell cultures and living tissue
Regulation of pulmonary nitric oxide by carbon dioxide is intrinsic to the lung
Efficacy and economy of inhaled nitric oxide in neonates accepted for extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation
Effects of corticosteroid hormones in the hippocampus
Neurosteroid effects on GABA-A receptor subunit composition
The interaction of neurosteroids with recombinant and synaptic GABAA receptors
Epiallopregnanolone selectively blocks the allopregnanolone inhibition of the population spike in the rat hippocampal CA1
Midbrain-medulla oblongata and hippocampus are the critical brain parts involving allopregnanolone and pregnanolone induced anaesthesia
Citalopram increases pregnanolone sensitivity in patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder
Negative mood induction by progestagen is related to a history of premenstrual syndrome
Dexamethasone treatment after adrenalectomy increases bombesin content in the rat spinal cord
Glucocorticoid axis abnormalities related to brain damage
The notion of internal models in sensorimotor control - an overview
Dynamic use of internal models in the control of dexterous manipulation
Developmental aspects on use of internal models in the control of dexterous manipulation
Descending control of presynaptic inhibition in the cat forelimb
Organisation of corticospinal neurones controlling forelimb target reaching in cats.
Recovery of food-taking in cats after lesions of the cortico- and rubrospinal tracts
Patterning of rhythmical feeding behaviour by brainstem neurons and sensory afferents
Effects of low threshold orofacial afferents on jaw closing motoneuron outflow during fictive mastication in the rabbit
Modulation of jaw premoto- and motoneurones by nociceptive muscle afferents during mastication
Control of biting in humans - use of sensory information
Bicuculline-sensitive potassium currents in rat medial preoptic neurons
Inward rectifying endogenous chloride channels in the Drosophila foetal cell line, S2
Effect of carbachol on regulation of the mACh receptor mRNA expression ADN insulin secretion in mouse pancreatic islets
Solute Permeabilities of Toad Skin under Outside Hypo-, Iso-, and Hyperosmotic Conditions
Alterations in dendritic morphology induced by lesions, chemical deafferentation and epileptiform activity
A Functional Measurement of the Ability to Shift Between Complicated Motor Programs in Gymnasts
Visual Horizontal-Vertical Illusion: a body sway account?
Masseter inhibitory reflex in humans: attempted modulation by various experimental parameters
Perioral skin sensitivity in bruxism
Control of grasp stability in humans under various frictional conditions during multi-digit lifting
Saccadic eye fixations in manipulatory tasks
Directional encoding of fingertip force by human tactile afferents
Differential responses in populations of fingertip tactile afferents to objects' surface curvatures
Visual and tactile information about curvature of grasped surfaces control manipulative fingertip forces
Our second touch system: Receptive field properties of unmyelinated tactile afferents in man
Painful stimuli induce different blood flow responses in the orofacial area and hand in humans
Input from chemosensitive afferents in joints and muscles converge onto the muscle spindle system in cat neck muscles