Interstitial cells of Cajal – their role in pacing and signal transmission in the digestive system
The vagal cardiac accelerator system in the reflex control of heart rate in conscious dogs
A model of fluid and solute exchange in the human: validation and implications
Endurance training in Wistar rats decreases receptor sensitivity to a serotonin agonist
Oral creatine supplementation decreases plasma markers of adenine nucleotide degradation during a 1-h cycle test
Glycinergic and GABAergic control of intensity-response function of frog ERG waves under different conditions of light stimulation
O1 Protective role of duodenal cellular base loading
O2 Significance of the angiotensin type-2 (AT 2) receptor
O3 Immune regulation of the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier
O4 Ion channels and pattern generation in the lamprey locomotor network
O5 Molecular mechanisms of skeletal muscle hypertrophy
O6 Gastrointestinal mucosal defence: Ca 2+ signalling in aggregates of duodenal enterocytes
O7 Gastric H,K-ATPase and acid resistant surface proteins
O8 Electrophysiological characterization of renin release from single juxtaglomerular cells
O9 New perspectives on regional perfusion, ventilation and gas exchange
O10 Adhesion molecule expression in inflammatory bowel disease
O11 Effects of lung distension and high-frequency ventilation on pulmonary no excretion
O12 Transmural gradients of endothelial cell adhesion molecule expression in the gastrointestinal tract
O13 The role of ECL cells in signalling within the gastric mucose
O14 Integrated duodenal protective response to acid
O15 Gastric mucosal barrier to acid
O16 Approaches to the study of exercise induced signalling in skeletal muscle
O17 Leucocyte trafficking and endothelial barrier function
O18 LTP mechanisms: from silence to four-lane traffic
O19 Role of dynamin in endocytosis
O20 Paracrine interactions in modulation of the tubuloglomerular feedback mechanism
O21 Ventilation and perfusion distribution in lungs in sheep, role of NO and effects of PEEP
O22 What can we learn about spasticity from patients with specific gene mutations?
O23 The integrated duodenal mucosal and motility responses to luminal acid and hypotonicity
O24 Factors regulating leucocyte recruitment: an overview
O25 Transformation of a sensory stimulus into a motor command in the sensorimotor cortex of the cat
O26 Long-term consequences of nNOS inhibition for renal haemo-dynamics and blood pressure
O27 Exercise-induced gene expression in human skeletal muscle
O28 Ventilation, perfusion and ventilation/perfusion ratios in microgravity
O29 The interstitium in microvascular exchange
O30 Conducted calcium response to local electric stimulation in rat interlobular arteries
O31 Cortical activity during reaching and drawing
O32 Dynamic regulation of aquaporin 4 in renal epithelial cells
O33 Signal transduction cascades in skeletal muscle: effects of exercise and insulin