Twenty-four-hour non-invasive monitoring of systemic haemodynamics and cerebral blood flow velocity in healthy humans
Adenosine induces prolonged anti-β-adrenergic effects in guinea-pig papillary muscle
Glucose transporter gene expression in freshly isolated and cultured rat pneumocytes
The neuropeptide PACAP contributes to the glucagon response to insulin-induced hypoglycaemia in mice
Okadaic acid inhibits relaxant neural transmission in rat gastric fundus in vitro
Interaction of exercise and diet on GLUT-4 protein and gene expression in Type I and Type II rat skeletal muscle
Increased phasic activity of dopaminergic neurones in the rat ventral tegmental area following pharmacologically elevated levels of endogenous kynurenic acid
Mechanisms of transjunctional transport of NaCl and water in proximal tubules of mammalian kidneys
Mechanisms of intercellular hypertonicity and isotonic fluid absorption in proximal tubules of mammalian kidneys