Guest editorial
Cortical blood flow autoregulation revisited using laser Doppler perfusion imaging
Modulation of endothelial permeability by 1-O-alkylglycerols
PGE1 induced transcapillary transport of 51Cr-EDTA in rat skin measured by microdialysis
Unaltered oxygen tension in rat pancreatic islets despite dissociation of insulin release and islet blood flow
Calcium homeostasis and glucose uptake of murine myotubes exposed to insulin, caffeine and 4-chloro-m-cresol
A rat resistance exercise regimen attenuates losses of musculoskeletal mass during hindlimb suspension
Nandrolone decanoate pre-treatment attenuates unweighting-induced functional changes in rat soleus muscle
Clenbuterol induces expression of multiple myosin heavy chain isoforms in rat soleus fibres