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Mechanisms of NH+ 4 and NH3 transport during hypokalemia
Renal and hepatic expression of the ammonium transporter proteins, Rh B Glycoprotein and Rh C Glycoprotein
Novel Ca2+ signalling mechanisms in vascular myocytes
Myocardial vasoactive intestinal peptide and fibrosis induced by nitric oxide synthase inhibition in the rat
Non-invasive assessment of cardiac output during exercise in healthy young humans
Antisecretory factor peptide derivatives specifically inhibit [3H]-γ-amino-butyric acid/36Cl− out→in permeation across the isolated rabbit Deiters' neuronal membrane
Effect of α-trinositol on secretion induced by Escherichia coli ST-toxin in rat jejunum
Oestrogen receptor β is expressed in adult human skeletal muscle both at the mRNA and protein level
Human motor compensations for thixotropy-dependent changes in resting wrist joint position after large joint movements
Increased tissue survival in experimental skin flaps in mast cell-deficient rats
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