Non-invasive monitoring of muscle blood perfusion by photoplethysmography
Short-term effects of repetitive arm work and dynamic exercise on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity
Chronic aerobic exercise enhances components of the classical and novel insulin signalling cascades in Sprague–Dawley rat skeletal muscle
Transcriptional responses of rat skeletal muscle following hypoxia-reoxygenation and near ischaemia-reperfusion
Intramuscular pressure and tissue oxygenation during low-force static contraction do not underlie muscle fatigue
Effects of cold-water immersion on VEGF mRNA and protein expression in heart and skeletal muscles of rats
Trafficking of ion transport proteins
Novel physiological roles of aquaporins revealed by transgenic mice
Receptor dynamics at synapses
Mechano-chemical signal transduction in the arterial wall
The molecular mechanism of insulin exocytosis investigating exploiting the RNA interference process
Function of Sec1/Munc18 proteins in exocytosis
Electrophysiological properties of anterior pituitary cells
Katp channels, exocytosis and control of glucagon secretion
The Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Lipid Metabolism by Leptin
Intramyocellular lipids and insulin resistance
Exercise and GLUT-4 in human skeletal muscle
Site-specific phosphorylation of glycogen synthase
Exercise regulation of hormone sensitive lipase activity and phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle
Effect of acute exercise on CaMKII activity in human skeletal muscle
UCP3 as fatty acid anion exporter
Differential effects of insulin and AICAR on fatty acid transporter expression and subcellular distribution
Gating of mechanosensitive channels by bilayer deformation forces
Molecular biological approaches to understanding the cochlea
GATA3 function in inner ear development
Electrophysiology and molecular genetics in patients with hereditary eye disorders
Functional organization of olfactory sensory neurons
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Overexpression of Ucp3 in mouse skeletal muscle increases carnitine palmitoyltransferase I activity
Calmodulin kinase modulates Ca2+ release in mouse skeletal muscle
Changes in glycogenin mRNA, protein expression and activity during glycogen resynthesis in human skeletal muscle
Skeletal muscle metabolism during transient and steady state aerobic exercise during normoxia and 60% hyperoxia
O2 uptake, muscle lactate production and phosphocratine breakdown during a giant slalom race
Site-specific phosphorylation of HSL in muscle during graded exercise in man
Temperature dependent skeletal muscle abnormalities in rats with congestive heart failure
Induction of serotonin receptors and inotropic effects in heart failure - A potential new neurohormonal target?
Skeletal muscle calcium handling in rats with congestive heart failure
Primary human glomerular endothelial cells produce proteoglycans and puromycin affects their posttranslational modification
Cardiomyocyte contractions elicited by field stimulation and current clamp protocols are not mediated by the same mechanism
Endothelial cell glycocalyx is important for charge selectivity in the glomerular filtration barrier
Efflux of glutathione through gap-junction hemichannels
Influence of sub-acute muscle inflammation on transmission in feline segmental reflex pathways from fine muscle afferents and on c-fos immunoreactivity
Importance of voltage gated ion channels for transduction and adaptation in crayfish stretch receptor
Depolarization-induced changes of excitatory synaptic currents in the neonatal CA1 pyramidal cells
Inhibition of synaptic activity in vivo does not affect early postnatal neurogenesis in the developing dentate gyrus
Intersynaptic communication mediated via the astrocytic network?
Developmental changes in release properties of the CA3-CA1 glutamate synapse in rat hippocampus
THIP activates with a delay GABAA channels in CA1 pyramidal neurons
Antisecretory factor modulates GABAergic transmission in the hippocampus
An aphrodisiac for female macaques
Survival of Transplantation of Embryonic Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons into The Postnatal Rat Brainstem Organotypic Slice Co-Cultures
NQO1 activity in the main and the accessory olfactory systems correlates with the zonal topography of projection maps
Spectral tuning of rhodopsin and phylogenetic relations between allopatric populations of sand goby
Mechanoacoustic properties of healed perforated tympanic membrane
Image restoration for in vivo confocal microscopy with image-adaptive point-spread functions
Investigating the genetic substrate for severe inner ear degeneration in the German waltzing guinea pig
Tissue binding of a radioactively labelled peptide fragment of Antisecretory Factor
Identification of Flotillin-1 as an Antisecretory Factor-binding protein by the yeast two-hybrid system
Glucagon-like peptide-1 activates gastric vagal afferents
Elevated insulin response is apparent after 14 days of caffeine consumption
Is fructose the preferred substrate for class II facilitative hexose transporters (GLUT's 5, 7, 9 & 11)?
Role of adiposity hormones in mouse during fasting and cold-acclimation
Phagosytosis in the polymorphic ciliate Tetrahymena vorax
A study of chemokinesis in the two forms of the polymorphic ciliate Tetrahymena vorax
Treatment of heart failure with a serotonin receptor antagonist
Angiotensin II and dietary manipulations up-regulates the Angiotensin II, type 2 receptor in ApoE−/−mice
Chronic physical exercise-induced vascular effects in a voluntary running rat model
Coronary artery imaging in mice using transthoracic high-resolution color Doppler echocardiography
Role of the growth hormone receptor in cardiovascular structure and function
Knockout of AMP-activated protein kinase does not impair exercise training-induced increase in PBC-RNA/protein and mitochondrial enzyme activities
Acute effects of metformin on glucose oxidation and fatty acid metabolism in rodent muscle
Distribution of myonuclei in single fibers in young and aged mice studied in vivo
Vascular gene expression patterns following voluntary physical exercise in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Muscle specific helix-loop-helix molecules as regulators of muscle phenotype in the adult
The effect of exercise intensity and duration on hippocampal progenitor proliferation in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Dissociation between nucleotide- and peptide release from large denscore vesicles
Critical role of non-muscle myosins in phasic insulin secretion
Glucose dependence of insulinotropic actions of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide in insulin-secreting INS-1 cells
Hypersecretion of glucagon in mice with ablated R-type CaV2.3 calcium channels
Stimulation of glucagon release by cAMP in mouse pancreatic A-cells
Defective insulin release machinery and insulin granule acidification in chloride channel 3 (ClC3) null mice
Development of methods for detection and quantification of mRNA transcripts from single cells
Carriers of German guinea pig showing less susceptibility to noise trauma
German waltzing guinea pigs - a histological study of the embryological development of the cochlea
Expression and localization of K+ channel subtypes KCNQ2 and KCNQ3 in the mammalian cochlea
GATA3 function in inner ear development
Survival and differentiation of adult neural stem cells transplanted into the mature inner ear
Lateral membrane mobility in cochlear outer hair cells reveals the orthotropicity of their lateral wall
Intravital confocal microscopy of the guinea pig's inner ear
A pixel-counting confocal technique in the study of cochlear mechanics
Composition of the airway surface liquid in mouse trachea
The human placental taurine transporter in uncomplicated and IUGR pregnancies
The effect of S-nitrosoglutathione on systic fibrosis airway cells
Regulation of placental lipoprotein lipase in normal human gestation at term
Polarization of ion transporters in human placenta syncytial epithelia
Identification and characterization of the basolateral outwardly rectifying chloride channel in human airway epithelial cells