Acta Physiologica Scandinavica changes its name to Acta Physiologica and OnlineEarly is adopted
Histamine released from gastric enterochromaffin-like cells reaches the parietal cells via diffusion
Luminal osmolality in the duodenum is controlled by 5-HT-dependent regulation of mucosal permeability
The role of adipokines as regulators of skeletal muscle fatty acid metabolism and insulin sensitivity
Regulation of neuronal type genes in congestive heart failure rats
Endogenous signalling system involved in parotid gland adenosine A1 receptor-amylase release
ECL cell histamine mobilization and parietal cell stimulation in the rat stomach studied by microdialysis and electron microscopy
Luminal hypotonicity increases duodenal mucosal permeability by a mechanism involving 5-hydroxytryptamine
The effects of the myosin-II inhibitor N-benzyl-p-toluene sulphonamide on fatigue in mouse single intact toe muscle fibres
Renal endothelin system and excretory function in Wistar–Kyoto and Long–Evans rats
Teaching Workshop
Teaching Workshop