Elevated plasma ACE activity
A chilly breeze leads to heavy breathing – facial cooling and the human peripheral chemoreflex
Differential variations in Ca2+ entry, cytosolic Ca2+ and membrane capacitance upon steady or action potential depolarizing stimulation of bovine chromaffin cells
Left ventricular function in the post-infarct failing mouse heart by magnetic resonance imaging and conductance catheter
Physiological consequences of the P2328S mutation in the ryanodine receptor (RyR2) gene in genetically modified murine hearts
High plasmatic angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) activity is not correlated with training-induced left ventricular growth in ACE congenic rats
Expression of mRNA for specific fibroblast growth factors associates with that of the myogenic markers MyoD and proliferating cell nuclear antigen in regenerating and overloaded rat plantaris muscle
Facial cooling and peripheral chemoreflex mechanisms in humans
Teaching workshop on ‘Implications of the Bologna Declaration for Teaching Physiology in Medical Education’ at the joint meeting of the German Physiological Society and the Federation of European Physiological Societies, Cologne, 2–5 March 2008