Acta Physiologica symposium: acid-base transporters and epithelial electrolyte transport
Recent advances in the molecular and functional characterization of acid/base and electrolyte transporters in the basolateral membranes of gastric and duodenal epithelial cells
Functional activity of Pat-1 (Slc26a6) Cl−/HCO3− exchange in the lower villus epithelium of murine duodenum
Basolateral ion transporters involved in colonic epithelial electrolyte absorption, anion secretion and cellular homeostasis
Relationships between body mass index and short-circuit current in human duodenal and colonic mucosal biopsies
Dietary fructose, salt absorption and hypertension in metabolic syndrome: towards a new paradigm
Acid sensing by visceral afferent neurones
Luminal chemosensing in the duodenal mucosa
Duodenal epithelial sensing of luminal acid: role of carbonic anhydrases
Expression of acid-sensing ion channels in intestinal epithelial cells and their role in the regulation of duodenal mucosal bicarbonate secretion
Purinergic regulation of duodenal surface pH and ATP concentration: implications for mucosal defence, lipid uptake and cystic fibrosis
Stimulation of duodenal HCO3− secretion by hydrogen sulphide in rats: relation to prostaglandins, nitric oxide and sensory neurones
Meaningful or redundant complexity – mechanisms behind cyclic changes in gastroduodenal pH in the fasting state
Claudins of intestine and nephron – a correlation of molecular tight junction structure and barrier function
Apelin stimulation of duodenal bicarbonate secretion: feeding-dependent and mediated via apelin-induced release of enteric cholecystokinin
GLP-1 playing the role of a gut regulatory compound
The renin–angiotensin system and the gastrointestinal mucosa
Impaired aldosterone responsiveness in corticosteroid binding globulin deficient mice
The impact of cyclooxygenase inhibition on duodenal motility and mucosal alkaline secretion in anaesthetized rats