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Letter to the Editor
Reply to: ‘The discovery of a new class of synaptic transmitters in smooth muscle fifty years ago and amelioration of coronary artery thrombosis’
Chronic, supra-physiological doses of nandrolone decanoate and exercise induced cardio-toxicity in an animal-model study
Nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in renal medulla pathophysiology – so small yet so special: the renal medulla
Prolyl 4-hydroxylases, master regulators of the hypoxia response
The blockade of angiotensin AT1 and aldosterone receptors protects rats from synthetic androgen-induced cardiac autonomic dysfunction
Arginase inhibition improves coronary microvascular function and reduces infarct size following ischaemia–reperfusion in a rat model
A novel GFP reporter mouse reveals Mustn1 expression in adult regenerating skeletal muscle, activated satellite cells and differentiating myoblasts
Effects of simvastatin on pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and exercise capacity in bleomycin-treated rats
Early effects of an x-ray contrast medium on renal T2*/T2 MRI as compared to short-term hyperoxia, hypoxia and aortic occlusion in rats