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The discovery of non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic transmission: reply to the criticisms of G. Burnstock (2013) (GB) and Abbracchio et al . (2013) (A et al .) of M. Bennett's (MB) account of this history in Acta Physiol (2013) Feb; 207(2):236–43
Human muscle fatigue, eccentric damage and coherence in the EMG
Progesterone metabolite influence feeding behaviour
Hypoxia-inducible factor signalling mechanisms in the central nervous system
Sleep, its regulation and possible mechanisms of sleep disturbances
Quercetin relaxes rat tail main artery partly via a PKG-mediated stimulation of KCa1.1 channels
Chronic antioxidant therapy lowers blood pressure in adult but not in young Dahl salt hypertensive rats: the role of sympathetic nervous system
Sulphide signalling potentiates apoptosis through the up-regulation of IP3 receptor types 1 and 2
Eccentric muscle damage increases intermuscular coherence during a fatiguing isometric contraction
Short-term training alters the control of mitochondrial respiration rate before maximal oxidative ATP synthesis
Mechanisms of respiration intensification of rat pancreatic acini upon carbachol-induced Ca2+ release
Allopregnanolone induces a diurnally dependent hyperphagic effect and alters feeding latency and duration in male Wistar rats
Caloric restriction ameliorates kidney ischaemia/reperfusion injury through PGC-1α–eNOS pathway and enhanced autophagy