Submissions bode well for 2014
Dealing with radicals
Human spinal cord injury: motor unit properties and behaviour
The developmental transition of ovine adipose tissue through early life
The microvasculature: a target for nutritional programming and later risk of cardio-metabolic disease
The future is now: early life events preset adult behaviour *
Programming effects of FTO in the development of obesity
Differential developmental programming by early protein restriction of rat skeletal muscle according to its fibre-type composition
Programming of glucose–insulin homoeostasis: long-term consequences of pre-natal versus early post-natal nutrition insults. Evidence from a sheep model
Increased susceptibility to streptozotocin and impeded regeneration capacity of beta-cells in adult offspring of malnourished rats
Late gestation over- and undernutrition predispose for visceral adiposity in response to a post-natal obesogenic diet, but with differential impacts on glucose–insulin adaptations during fasting in lambs
Consuming a low-fat diet from weaning to adulthood reverses the programming of food preferences in male, but not in female, offspring of ‘junk food′-fed rat dams
Maternal chocolate and sucrose soft drink intake induces hepatic steatosis in rat offspring associated with altered lipid gene expression profile
Small head circumference at birth and early age at adiposity rebound
Effect of a mixture of bovine milk oligosaccharides, Lactobacillus rhamnosus NCC4007 and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on catch-up growth of intra-uterine growth-restricted rats
Perturbations to the IGF1 growth pathway and adult energy homeostasis following disruption of mouse chromosome 12 imprinting
Relative contribution of foetal and post-natal nutritional periods on feeding regulation in adult rats
High- and low-protein gestation diets do not provoke common transcriptional responses representing universal target-pathways in muscle and liver of porcine progeny
Maternal western diet primes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in adult mouse offspring