The case of dementia: psychiatry or neurology?
Autism and Asperger syndrome: coexistence with other clinical disorders
CAMCOG as a screening instrument for dementia: the Odense Study
Assessment of dysfunctional working models of self and others in schizophrenic patients: a summary of data collected in nine nations
Progressive deterioration of soft neurological signs in chronic schizophrenic patients
Emerging homosexual conduct during hospitalization among chronic schizophrenia patients
Differences between patients with identified and not identified psychiatric disorders in primary care
The relationship between depressive and vital exhaustion symptomatology post-myocardial infarction
The perception of needs for care in staff and patients in community-based mental health services. The South-Verona Outcome Project 3
Social networks and functional status in patients with psychosis
Prolactin and beta-endorphin serum elevations after ECT in manic patients
Augmentation with sulpiride for a schizophrenic patient partially responsive to clozapine
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Italy's mad law
Italy's mad law